4SDM2-11 Doyin Submersible Pump


4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump: Revolutionizing Water Transfer Efficiency

Discover the exceptional capabilities of the 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump – your answer to efficient water transfer from wells, ponds, lakes, and cisterns. Explore its features, applications, and operating conditions, and learn how it excels in diverse scenarios.

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4SDM2-11 Doyin Submersible Pump, At the forefront of cutting-edge engineering stands the 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump – an embodiment of innovation in water transfer solutions. With the prowess to seamlessly facilitate water movement from wells, ponds, lakes, and cisterns, this pump is the epitome of versatility and reliability.

In this detailed exploration, we uncover the extensive features, diverse applications, and undeniable benefits that the 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump brings to the table, underscoring its pivotal role in addressing water transfer needs.

4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump: Transforming Water Transfer

Distinguished by its remarkable efficiency, the 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump has firmly established itself as a pioneering solution for a multitude of applications:

Sprinkler Lawn Irrigation: Nurturing Lush Greenery

Witness the transformation of your lawn with the assistance of the 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump. Through the precise distribution of water via sprinklers, this pump nurtures every inch of your green space, fostering vibrant and healthy vegetation.

Elevated and Cistern Tanks Filling: Reliability at Its Core

Catering to both household and agricultural demands, this pump swiftly fills elevated and cistern tanks, ensuring an unwavering and dependable water supply. Say goodbye to disruptions and hello to consistent water availability.

Water Fountains: Creating Tranquil Escapes

Elevate your surroundings into serene havens with captivating water features. The 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump's unwavering ability to transfer water brings life to your fountains, creating an enchanting spectacle that soothes the senses.

Industrial and Farming Water Supply: Powering Operations

Industries and farms rely on a continuous water supply for seamless operations. The 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump guarantees an uninterrupted flow, catering to the diverse water requirements of industries and agricultural ventures.

Agricultural Irrigation: Nourishing Harvests

The foundation of successful agriculture rests on efficient irrigation. Enter the 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump, a crucial component in distributing water across expansive fields, contributing to bountiful harvests and thriving crops.

Technical Description Doyin Pump

Voltage180-220 VAC
Power (KW)0.55
Power (HP)0.75
Flow (m3/hr)1.5 - 1.8 - 2.1 - 2.4
Flow (l/min)25 - 30 - 35 - 40
H (meters)72 - 68 - 63 - 57

4SDM2 Doyin Pump Operating Conditions: Unveiling Optimal Performance

Unraveling the key to optimal performance and longevity, we delve into the operating conditions that define the 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump's capabilities:

  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: This exceptional pump functions seamlessly with fluid temperatures reaching up to +35°C, ensuring consistent and dependable performance even in warmer environments.
  • Maximum Sand Content: With a commendable tolerance for sand content of up to 0.25%, the pump showcases its durability and resilience, efficiently managing water with minimal sediment.
  • Minimum Well Diameter: To unlock its full potential, the pump necessitates a minimum well diameter of 4 inches, guaranteeing efficient water transfer that doesn't compromise performance.

Features that Set the Benchmark

Equipped with a spectrum of features that define superiority, the 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump stands tall as the pinnacle of water transfer solutions:

Rewindable Motor: Pioneering Convenience

The incorporation of a rewindable motor introduces unparalleled convenience. This innovative feature enables maintenance and repairs without the need for a complete motor replacement, saving time and resources.

Single-phase and Three-phase Options: Tailored Compatibility

Catering to diverse electrical setups, the pump offers both single-phase (220-240V/50Hz) and three-phase (380-415V/50Hz) options. This flexibility ensures seamless compatibility, regardless of the electrical configuration.

Start Control Box or Digital Auto-control Box: Effortless Operation

Choose between a start control box or digital auto-control box, streamlining the pump's operation. Effortlessly initiate water transfer, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Designed by Casing Stressed: Unyielding Durability

The pump's design is meticulously crafted to withstand casing stress, enhancing its overall durability and reliability. This robust construction ensures top-tier performance even in demanding environments.

NEMA Dimension Standards: Seamless Integration

Adhering to NEMA dimension standards, the pump seamlessly integrates into existing setups. This adherence to industry norms guarantees a hassle-free installation process.

Curve Tolerance According to ISO 9906: Precision Perfected

Aligning with ISO 9906 standards for curve tolerance, the pump delivers consistently accurate water transfer performance. This precision ensures optimal water distribution in various applications.

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Elevating Water Transfer Efficiency

The 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump is not just a solution; it’s a paradigm shift in water transfer efficiency. With a comprehensive array of features, remarkable adaptability to diverse applications, and unwavering adherence to industry standards, this pump emerges as the definitive choice. Whether for domestic, industrial, or agricultural purposes, the 4SDM2 Doyin Submersible Pump takes water transfer to unprecedented heights. Embrace its capabilities and embrace unmatched efficiency.

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