How Long Do Solar Panels Last? Solar Panel Lifespan

How Long Do Solar Panels Last? Solar Panel Lifespan

Let’s Talk About How Long Do Solar Panels Last? and the Solar Panels Lifespan – The industrial revolution give a rise to a several major serious issues, including energy crises and environmental degradation, which are issues that in Pakistan, like other developing nations, has been suffering since that time. With the discovery of the (PV) photovoltaic effect and the development of the solar panels, it can quickly becames a apparent that the use of the renewable energy was the only way to the end of the highest energy crises and meet the world energy needs and can protect the environment from the carbon dioxide emissions.

Nowadays, solar panel technology is known as one of the greatest renewable energy sources because of its long lifespan, simple installation, and their low cost. The majority of companies expect their solar panels to last for approximately 25 years. It indicates that you are making a very significant investment for a long life runing way.

While there are some great features and components that shorten the solar panels’ lifespan, but you can still use them after the 25-year period time. The main and only difference is will be a noticeably the lower absorbation pof sunlight. we are going to cover the degradation rate of solar panels as well as all the other important information about the lifespan of the solar panels and also about the replacement of the solar panels in this blog.

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last

What Is The Degradation Rate Of Solar Panels?

Over the years, some major factors like higher temperatures and an ongoing reduction in the chemical composition of the material will lead the solar panels to lose their ability to absorb the sunlight and convert it into the power. This is a parameter that is known as the (debasement rate) or (degradation rate). It shows that the higher-quality of the solar panel that will degrade at a slower rate, and showing a difference between the both of them. The rate of that the solar plates degrade differs between the panels and between the companies. Don not forget to look into the solar panels rate of degradation and when you purchase your solar system in pakistan.

Based on how quickly they deteriorate, solar panels can be categorized into three groups, which are as follows here down below:

  • Tier 1 Solar Panel:

The tier 1 solar Panel Degradation rate is 0.30% and with a 6.96% of Reduction Over 25Years, and the original ouput of solar panel after 25 yuears is 93.04% only.

  • Tier 2 Solar Panel:

The tier 2 solar Panel Degradation rate is 0.50% and with a 11.33% of Reduction Over 25Years, and the original ouput of solar panel after 25 yuears is 88.67% only.

  • Tier 3 Solar Panel:

The tier 3 solar Panel Degradation rate is 0.80% and with a 17.53% of Reduction Over 25Years, and the original ouput of solar panel after 25 yuears is 82.47% only.

The least reduction rate is found in Tier 1 solar panels, which see only a 6.96% drop in production capacity. After a 25-year period, the tier 2 solar modules are still quite good and have a good production capacity. While the tier 3 solar plates deteriorate by an astounding 0.80%, which significantly lowers their production capacity, but they remain operational the best even after the 25-year period. Since Tier 1 solar panels are highly expensive, we advise to investing in the Tier 2 solar panels, which are more reasonably priced and continues to provide a great performance for up to 25 years. tier 2 solar panels are some of these companies are Canadian Solar and JA Solar.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last? Solar Panel Lifespan
How Long Do Solar Panels Last? Solar Panel Lifespan

Are Solar Panels Possible for Early Expiration before the time?

Yes, they can, but only in the case that there is a fault like damage, or manufacturer defected and any other problem with the manufacturer. Apart from that, though, solar panels never get bad because they may continue to provide power even if sunlight absorption weakens yearly. It is true that the solar panels continue to withstand damage and, in some instances, become totally worthless.

Microcracks caused by a frequent severe thunderstorms or hailstorms have the ability to break the solar panels. Although today’s solar panels are sensitive to microcracks, they are not safe to them completely. Unexpected changes in the weather may also be the cause, as they can cause the material which makes up solar panels to quickly reduce and stretch. In the same way, water damage can make solar modules unusable if their seal protection breaks. Many companies provide 25-year promises which often cover these kinds of faults.

Is this is the right time to Replacing Your Solar Panels?

You will need to replace your solar panels if, above the panels planned lifespan, you notice an apparent reduction in the amount of electricity your system produces, insufficient to meet your home’s appliances needs. If, for example, your 20 kWh system is only producing 15 kWh of electricity and there is no failure, debris, or weather punishment, it is likely the time comes for a system replacement because of it has degraded greatly.

This is one of the reasons we advise purchasing a solar system that is larger than what you need in order to maximize the value of your investment during a longer period of time. A monitoring app that displays all the data and may be used to identify and detect the changes in your system’s production is also included when you install a solar system.

Do You Need To Change Any Other Solar System Components?

it is true that the solar panels do not need major maintenance or labor for at least 25 years, the system also includes other pieces of equipment. The biggest part of the system includes a number of PV modules, inverters, and mounting structures in addition to the solar batteries. Compared to the solar modules, these parts can need more regular the maintenance or replacement earlier.

Solar-Powered Batteries

Extra electricity generated by a solar system is stored in the solar batteries. These batteries last on average for around ten years before they begin to deteriorate, so you might need to replace them in order to continue getting the best performance.

Solar Inverters

Because they are the main and important part and can do that convert DC to AC and keep maintain a steady voltage, solar inverters have a comparable 10- to 15-year lifetime to solar batteries. After that, however, they may need to be replaced. Due to their heavy operations, they usually need replacement during the solar system’s lifetime and cannot be expected to continue working after that period.

Mounting Structure

Since the solar panels are drilled into the concrete blocks that have been built on the roof in order to install the solar panels, the mounting structure may also need to be rebuilt. In short, because they are exposed to severe weather because they are on the roof, they could have to be replaced. However, it typically takes it more than 20 years to deteriorate to a stage that’s a replacement is required.


The solar panels are guaranteed to last for 25 years, but they will can be able continue to generate electricity after that time. The only difference is that the amount of electricity they produce is based on how quickly they degrade. You will have to decide if or not to replace your solar panels. You have to figure out the fact that they are meeting your needs for electricity for this reason or not.

In that case, developing a replacement is basically not required. In the same way, you can continue to use your panels if you have taken care of them and they do not have any microcracks or damaged plates. To guarantee a system’s perfect longevity, always maintain a careful eye on its production and determine if it has to be cleaned on time.

Net Metering

Everything You Need To Know About Net Metering In Pakistan

Solar energy is without a doubt and a one of the greatest renewable energy sources that may help us to reduce the pollution and meet the world’s energy needs, especially in regard to our current energy and environmental issues. As more and more peoples are converting to solar energy, the both are residential and business owners are installing solar panel systems in their property and makeing their property value high.

In addition to producing free and a clean electricity, it reduces the high costly bills to down. Because of net metering, solar can be much more advantageous for both the owner and as well as other individuals. Currently this is available in multiple famous and popular regions in Pakistan, the energy management is quickly rolling out the Net Metering systems across the country of pakistan. What is Net Metering exactly? and Should you supply anything a second thought? How can the Haani Solar Energy will support your net metering needs? We are going to discuss in much more details about the net metering, what is it and how does it works? in this blog.

What is The Net Metering Extacly in Pakistan?

Owners of solar energy systems are billed for the electricity they contribute to the grid through a billing method called net metering. For example, a PV system installed on a residential customer’s roof and can produce more electricity than the house uses during the day.

When a house is net-metered, the electricity meter runs backwards to give a credit against the amount of electricity used throughout the night or during the other times when the household uses more electricity than the system can produce. Only the “net” amount of energy used by the customer is billed. Only 20–40% of a solar energy system’s production usually enters the grid and the remaining solar electricity is exported to power loads in the area.

Net Metering
Everything You Need To Know About Net Metering In Pakistan

The main benefits of net metering system is if you’re out of your home and you’ve installed the net metering system in house the whole day of electricity generated from the system is going back to grid.

For Example if you’re out of your house:

and if you installed a 10 kw solar net metered system then the the 30 Units genrated from the system is going back to grid because you’re out and none 0 units you’ve used from the grid or wapda.

In Simple Words:

Your house might use the solar energy to produce extra electricity when you’re not home or on days when output is at its highest. There is a way for transferring the extra electricity generated back into the grid without purchasing expensive batteries to store it for use at night.

A reverse billing system is called a net metering maintains records of the amount of the electricity that leaves the user’s system and enters the utility grid. For those who have solar panels put at their homes, Net Metering has proven to be the topping on the cake—it is most cost-effective and best suited for the current solar panel usage.

How the Net Metering Works?

The simplest form of the net metering is the one mentioned above; it’s also known as a “true net metering” or “1-for-1 net metering” because of the utility credits customers for every kWh of electricity they send into the grid, which can then be applied to kWh used during off-peak hours.

When a homeowner installs a solar energy system, the utility replaces the electric meter with a new bi-directional meter and the image of this meter is mentioned down. This new meter has the ability to record the both the energy that the customer uses from the grid and when the solar panels aren’t producing enough power to run the appliances in the house and the energy that the solar panels export to the grid. this is the second and main benefit of the solar net metering system in pakistan also.

Your solar system has the capacity to produce more electricity during the winter months when consumption is on low ( because the most of the appliances run in the hot summer season and they will not run in the winter season and this is the third main benefit of the net metering system), during the summer months when production is high, or normally during the entire year depending on your consumption and production.

With the help of a technology called net metering, you may monitor the distribution of electricity into and out of the grid and return any extra electricity to the grid station, all the monitoring you can do that on you mobile device and on laptop device also through a apk App that can u install from Google Play Store. You are refunded the difference at the end of the month if the amount of electricity your system transferred exceeds the amount of units you imported from the grid. Cash or credit against another bill discount can be used as forms of payment.

The  Payment of the Extra units that’s generated from the net metering system that you’ve installed on your home will be added as a dissount on the next month bill let’s check the example down.

For Example:

If your net metering system generated 300 units of a month and you’ve used 180 units of a month then the 120 units will be added on your next month bill as a disscount.

The Main Benefits Of The Net Metering

The Net metering offers multiple advantages, some of which can help to the owner of the solar system and the others of which benefits the grid as well as society as a whole. Here is a summary of the some advantages:

  • Net metering Will Reduce Your High Costly Electricity Bill.
  • Zero Requirement to Install the Costly Battery Storage Systems.
  • Motivate the Customers to Switch to the Renewable Energy like a net metering system.
  • Release the Grid Pressure.
  • makes solar energy more affordable for homes.
  • gives solar owners an easy method to get paid for the energy from their systems generate.
  • promotes the installation of the new solar panels on already-existing buildings, reducing carbon emissions and protecting currently undeveloped lands.
  • reduces the requirement for new fossil fuel power plants.
  • reduces the need for newly constructed electricity transmission facilities which is costly, contentious, and requires some years to approve, finance, and build.
  • People who do not own their homes can now profit from solar energy thanks to virtual net metering.
solar net metering system in pakistan
Everything You Need To Know About Net Metering In Pakistan

Drawbacks And Controversy of the Net metering

As the advocates of the solar energy, we would love to tell you that net metering has no disadvantages, but that might not be entirely accurate. Study shows that the solar helps favorably to the grid in some situations when a limited number of interconnected net metered systems are present. however, problems appear when the net metering exceeds a threshold that ranges between from 5% to 10% of peak demand.

The following are some of the disadvantages of net metering:

  • The value of the net metering credits is not changed according to the amount of time they are created in the absence of the time of use billing.
  • A large amount of net metered solar installations reduce grid demand throughout the day, but they do not reduce capacity at nighttime peak hours as the sun sets.
  • The distribution of the grid might have a need to be upgraded in order to handle higher levels of two-way power flow when there are many solar installations in a small area. This might result in greater costs for all ratepayers, though the cost usually has to be paid by the system owner when the distribution system infrastructure exceeds its rated capacity.
  • Because wealthy people can install solar panels and cut their energy bills almost completely, some utility companies claims that the net metering represents a “cost shift” from higher-income to lower-income households, with those without solar having to pay a larger share of the fixed costs of maintaining the grid.

How Long Does the Net Metering Installation Take? 

The installation and operation of the Net Meter can take anywhere between from the 30 to 60 days following the installation of the solar system. 

Haani Solar Energy, on the other hand, has a history of finishing most Net Meter installations in 30 days to give our clients peace of mind. We take a proactive strategy, and our Net Metering stay on the top of the everything to make sure there are no delays on our part. They also stay in contact with the authorities to get the job done as smoothly as possible. 

Requirements for the Net-Metering to Install?

To install Net Meter at your home, you must have the following requirements. 

  • Bill 3 phase meter 
  • Required load as per NEPRA 
  • and the home owner CNIC Card

Net Metering Requires Payment

Typically, net metering costs between Rs. 80,000 and Rs. 120,000 on top of the system amount. Haani solar Energy wants to make the transition to solar energy as simple as possible for consumers. Talk with our solar experts, and we can help you to find an affordable option.

Climatic Disasters

The Climatic Disasters Prove That We Need to Act Right Now

Climate periods frequently involve the climate risks. Typhoons, dry spells, swiftly spreading fires, flooding, and storms have all happened. In any case, what we are dealing with currently is an unprecedented level of damage and slaughter. There have been a number of catastrophic climatic disasters around in the world in just the past year, including Cyclone Idai, severe temperatures in Europe, India, and also in Pakistan, and flooding in the Southeast Asia that is located in the map also. Many peoples currently are without their homes, jobs, friends, and family because of the growing dangers and resulting extreme climate events, including Mozambique to Bangladesh.

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Why Do Climatic Events Happen So Often?

In simple terms, the risk of extreme climate disasters rises due to changes in the global climate. Rising the ocean levels, stronger typhoons, faster wind speeds, longer and delayed dry periods, abnormally long fire seasons, heavier rainfall, and flooding are all caused by rising air and water temperatures.

The results have been devastating and the proof overpowering. Over the past 30 years, there has been a notable increase in disasters of due to climate change. The Global ocean level rise accelerated by 2.5 times faster between 2006 and 2016 than it did for almost the whole of the twentieth century.

According to estimates from the United Nations Environment Program, agricultural countries will have to spend between $140 and $300 billion year on climate change adjustment and damage recovery by 2030.

Climatic Disasters
The Climate Disasters Prove That We Need to Act Right Now

The Growing Trend Of Increasingly Severe Climatic Disasters

The Idai and Kenneth tornadoes

Over a thousand lives were lost in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique in March 2019 due to the Cyclone Idai, while the millions more were left hungry and without the access to basic healthcare and food. Homes were taken by deadly avalanches that also destroyed buildings, crops, and lands. Just one and a half months later, tornado Kenneth made landfall in northern Mozambique, hitting that areas that had not seen a hurricane before the satellite record.

Greece, Turkey, Australia, and Other Regions: Burns

Australia was experiencing its most severe bushfire season ever in the beginning of the year 2020, which was brought on by the country’s hottest year ever, which left the soil and fills abnormally dry. Australia saw wildfires in 2020, while flames of the same type happened in many other places in 2021, including Turkey, Greece, and the Amazon.

More than 10 million acres have been burned and approximately 28 people have died, whole the systems and their networks were totally destroyed, hundreds of families have lost their own homes, and a large number of peoples have been affected by the dangerous smoke pollution. A few animal species and biological systems may never recover, and over a billion local living things have gone or died.

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The Hardest dry season in The East Africa

Yet Africa is well-known as a dry region, increased the ocean temperatures caused by the climate change have increased the likelihood of a dry season in the Horn of Africa. 2011’s and 2017’s and 2019’s severe dry seasons have claimed many crops and lives of animals.

Fifteen million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia are in need of support and need help due to the dry spells; yet, only thirty-five percent of the humanitarian effort is funded. Peoples have been driven from their houses and left without the means to put food on the table.

Many peoples have been suffering from serious food and water shortages as a result of the shortage of crucial living basic needs. What’s more is that this is only a beginning to an even more catastrophic environmental calamity—a dry spell—which might strike Africa and other dry regions of the globe.

The Heavy Floods in the South Asia

Over the period of the past year, over 20 million peoples have been driven from their homes in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, and Nepal because of deadly floods and avalanches. Just a few years ago, very heavy monsoon rains and catastrophic flooding devastated, murdered, and crushed lives in neighboring nations.

The flooding was the largest in over 30 years in some places. In 2022, Pakistan had its most recent flood, destroying 70% of South Punjab and Sindh areas. It produced severe shortages of food and high inflation, which had dangerous effects on the country’s finances.

While some flooding is normal throughout the rainy season, scientists claim that South Asia’s rising the ocean surface temperatures are increasing the region’s heavy downpours. The only thing that has changed through the time is how the much stronger these floods have become.

The Central American Dry Corridor

The El Niño time period, enhanced by the climate emergency, pushed the Dry Corridor of Central America into its sixth year of dry season. The typical three-month dry season in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua is being extended to a half-year or more. The majority of harvests have failed, leaving 3.5 million peoples in need of the charitable assistance, many of them depend on farming for both food and the profit, and 2.5 million peoples their availability of the food is questionable.

The Injustice Impact on the World’s Poorest Peoples

Extreme climate disasters affect all nations, rich or not. But it is basic to understand the realities of those who struggle the most because of our changing climate as we move towards a future with more dangers and risks. This is an equity issue: while being the least responsible for the crises, people who are poor are the ones most affected by climate change. People are being forced to leave their homes by climate change, poverty is being welcomed on the top of need, and hunger is rising. People in more underdeveloped countries are more likely than those in rich nations to be forced out by the severe weather conditions.

The world is currently facing and will face a greater challenge in the years to come: reducing the outflows and helping those who are struggling and in dealing with the effects of climate change. Today is the perfect time to take action. It is now a matter of survival because if we do not take action quickly, humanity as a whole may end up dead. If you want to keep the natural world for ourselves and for ffuture generations to come, use a number of self-help methods and increase awareness.

Reduce the demand on fossil fuels by moving to renewable energy sources. Reduce down on the carbon mark you leave behind. You can do this by using public transportation, installing energy-efficient appliances, cutting down on your power consumption, and other methods. In the end, we all have to take action today. We must make changes in our life and motivate others to follow similarly.

Installation Of Tesla Solar Roof

A Quick and Easy Guide to Installation Of Tesla Solar Roof

Installation of Tesla Solar Roof: Welcome to our comprehensive guide on installing a Tesla Solar Roof, the first step to providing your home using sustainable energy. To guarantee a seamless and successful installation experience, we have divided the procedure into extremely straightforward stages.

Tesla Solar Roof

We must first understand what makes the Tesla Solar Roof unique before we can properly research and install the Tesla Solar system. The Tesla Solar Roof easily combines the energy efficiency and elegance through the installation of solar cells into durable glass tiles, in contrast with standard solar panels.

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Planning and a site assessment that are Important steps to take.

Tesla begins by finding out that is your house is eligible to fit for solar energy systems that are based on a number of strict requirements for the solar energy system approval, that’s including the roof orientation and also the shadowing. It is very important to match the roof to maximize solar panel power and to reduce solar panel shedding. This way, the panels will always have maximum access to bright sunshine. Following a checkup by their team of professionals, Tesla will design a simple and customized solar panel installation strategy that may satisfy all of your requirements.

installation of tesla solar tiles
installation of Tesla solar tiles

Getting Licenses and Approvals

The team of Tesla experts will take care of all the important approvals needed from local or state governments before installing a solar energy system on your home property. This will guarantee that the installation conforms with all the building codes, rules, and regulations.

Getting Your Roof Top Ready

Rooftop preparation involves removing any materials that are incompatible with the specifications for installing a solar energy system and making sure that the surface is ready for new tiles or solar panel shingles. The qualified and well educated our professional Tesla team manages the maintenance and promises a comfortable and a clean installation of tesla solar roof.

Quick Easy and a Clean Installation of Tesla Solar Roof

The highly qualified and experienced installers of Tesla solar team will carefully install each solar tile in quick easy step with the solar energy system’s architecture plan, guaranteeing the 100% correct alignment and weather resistance.

Build Your Property value high with tesla solar panels
Build Your Property value high with Tesla solar panels

Electrical Connection and Wiring

The wiring will be done by professional electricians, who will route it to an inverter so that the solar energy may will be used in your home.

Testing and configuration of the Tesla Solar System

Before turning on your solar system, Tesla tests the solar energy system to make sure that the everything is operating as it should.

Complete Inspection and Establishing Up

Before the solar energy system is completed, the Tesla performs an in-depth inspection to check for quality and respect to laws. This is done before your solar roofing system is formally authorized.

We would like to congratulate you on installing your Tesla Solar Roof system after all of the preparations. You have made an important step closer to energy sustainability and power freedom (you will be generating your own electricity for your home or place of business after installing a solar energy system from Tesla Solar). For many years to come, you can now take advantage of the many advantages of clean and a green friendly renewable energy. If your interest about the tesla solar system then check out our Blog to check out the other information about tesla.

CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme 2024 | Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024

CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme 2024 | Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani government has launched the CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme in response to the increasing focus on environmentally friendly methods and on renewable energy sources. With the help of this scheme, The families in Punjab will be able to use solar energy and reduce dependence on traditional power sources by receiving free solar panels. All the information you require about this unique plan is provided below:

CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme 2024 | Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024
CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme 2024 | Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024

What is the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme And Roshan Ghrana?

A newly program of government scheme called the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme aims to give free solar panels to Punjabi homes. A complete solar panel system including solar panels, an inverter, and with a battery that can provide up to one kilowatt of electricity will be given to eligible houses as a part of this scheme. The scheme aims to reduce the load on the traditional electrical grid by promoting the use of clean energy.

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How to Register for the Scheme?

How to register for the Free Solar Panel Scheme in Punjab, Pakistan. It’s Very Simple To Participate in it. From Our providing details Eleigible households can register for this scheme and that will the government announce that who will eligible and who will receive the free solar panels from this scheme. First Keep Your Electricty Wapda bill with you, especially of the during April and of May month bill. as solar panels will be delivered with attention to that households who has their electricity bills of less than 100 units.

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The Key Features Of The Scheme

  • Free of charge: There is no charge to pay for the solar panels that will be provided as a part of the scheme. Purchasing and installing the solar panel system comes at no cost.
  • Full Solar Panel System: Every property owner will receive a complete solar panel system that is able to produce up to one kilowatt of electricity. It includes the solar panels, an inverter, and a battery.
  • Advantage for Those with Low Electricity Bills: Solar panels will be mainly provided to households with electricity bills under 100 units. This promotes the efficiency and energy conservation.
  • Distribution Process: To determine which families are eligible, the government will collect information from WAPDA. A drawing will be performed to distribute the solar panels equally if the number of qualified households exceeds the quantity of panels available. Every family is eligible to receive Upto 6 Solar 


To whom is the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme eligible?

The program is open to any Punjabi home with an electricity bill of less than 100 units.

How do I sign up for the CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme?

The details about the registration will be given in public by the government via authorized channels. Look out for notifications about registration.

Will the cost of the solar panels be mine to pay?

No, there is no expense to pay for the free solar panels scheme, that are given under the scheme.

How many solar panels will be given to each home?

Up to six solar panels, an inverter, and with a battery can be given to each home.

Summary Of the CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme

For that Punjabi households, the CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme offers a singular and a golden chance to promote the sustainable and eco-friendly energy options. Households can reduce their electricity bills costs and support the environmental conservation schemes by using through the solar energy. The scheme aims to significantly improve the lives of peoples in Punjab by promoting affordability and accessibility. If you want your portion of free solar panels, take advantage of this opportunity and register for the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme right away.

Exploring the Latest in Solar Panels Technology

Exploring the Latest in Solar Panels Technology

Let’s Explore the Latest Solar Panels Technology in Pakistan, This technology is going up day by day in Pakistan, and most of the users going to purchase this technology this technology has a lot of key features. because of its endless features and best benefits this Solar Panel Tech is changing today the world very fastly.

Finding The Clean Energy Sources is very important Today. These Solar Panels Technology is a Very Good Choice and a brighter green future example. These our new and reliable solar technologies are providing us a sustainable and a green solution for supplying the power our needs. Our New Solar Panel technologies are leading to the transformation of our solar energy usage. let’s take a quick look together into what are the most current developments in dolar panels technology to see what is in the store for us for the future.

The New Developments Of Solar Panels Technology

Exploring the Latest in Solar Panels Technology
Exploring the Latest in Solar Panels Technology

Solar panels have progressed greatly since their difficult, unsuccessful start. Modern solar panels are much slimmer in shape than typical traditional solar panels, extremely efficient, and much simpler to handle because of major improvements in solar panel materials and highly skilled engineering.

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Technology of Thin Film Solar Panels

One of the most interesting improvements in solar energy includes thin-film technology. These thin-film solar cells are lightweight, flexible, and stylish-not at all like regular solar panels. These solar panels with thin film technology can be used on windows, roofs, and even garments, and other places.

The Power of Output Efficiency

The efficiency plays an important role in the solar panels technology, but of the recent years have seen major developments in this area. These days, the solar panels are more cost-effective because they are capable of converting more power from the sunlight.

More than The Silicon Technology

Our New Materials Researchers exploring solar panel technology are searching for better materials for solar panels than the silicon. The promise of ultra-higher efficiency production and cheaper costs are shown by materials like organic polymers, which are important factors to keep in mind. These important ideas or components may also help us the go toward a new and modern generation of solar systems and energy.

Technology of Thin Film Solar Panels
Technology of Thin Film Solar Panels

The Rise of New Smart Solar Panel

Solar panels are becoming more intelligent in the modern age of smart technologies. In real-time, our smart panels may detect problems adjust performance, and keep an eye on themselves. Additionally, this reduces costs and improves the affordability and the dependability of the solar energy.

Moving Towards a Greener

The factors of the Solar power are clearly important, especially as worries regarding to climate change grow. We can reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and other traditional sources of power and save the environment for the coming generations by using the most recent developments in solar panels technology.

One of the largest improvements in the clean and green, the renewable energy is the current state of solar panels technology. With the development of thin film technology and new materials like N-Type, top con, and smart solar panels, solar power is now more powerful than ever before. By adjusting to these current changes, solar energy may reach its full capacity and a more sustainable future can be built in Pakistan.

Dont Hesitate to Contact With Us For More Details Or Related Information About the Solar PAnels And Thier Technology Details, Contact By Email or Whatsapp Also.

CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers for Tubewells

CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers for Tubewells

The Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched the much-awaited CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers for Tubewells in a historic decision aimed to transform the nation agricultural landscape. With the Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme, this innovative project is going to change farming methods around the region by providing the solar panels to deserving and impoverished farmers.

CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers for Tubewells
CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers for Tubewells

Important Features Of The Punjab Solar Panel Scheme

By following these key factors, the farmers can take advantage of solar panels under this system with never before seen simple:

  1. Minimal Initial Investment: To purchase a solar system for farmers just simply need to make a small initial down payment of 25% twenty percentage.
  2. Government Subsidy: The Punjab government will pay the remaining 75% of the expenses, which our Punjab Farmers are able to repay over a ( 5 yrs )five year period.
  3. Lottery method: An open and honest lottery method guarantees that the solar panel installations are equally divided among qualifying the consumers, providing the equal access to this best renewable energy source.
  4. Complete Package: Selected clients will receive solar panels along with other necessary parts including batteries, inverters, and other solar equipment.
CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers for Tubewells
CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers for Tubewells

Who Will be Eligible for the Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme and Qualifies Also?

The following requirements are required to be completed for farmers to be eligible for the CM Punjab Solar Scheme:

  • Property Ownership: The Applications must be possess a minimum of 2 acres of the property in a order to be eligible for the scheme.
  • Low Electricity Consumption: the Farmers may also be participate in the program if their monthly electricity bills is less than 100 units.

Read more: Quick Guide to Get Free Maryam Nawaz Solar Panels by CNIC

Registration Process For the CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers

Farmers who are ready to use solar energy for their tubewells are asked to sign up for the program by following these easy steps:

  1. Register: To sign up for the Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme, go to the Bank of Punjab branch that is nearest to you.
  2. Ownership: Farmers who register their solar systems and provide the required 25% down payment are the rightful the owners of the installations.
  3. Take Benefit from the Scheme: Register as soon as possible to take advantage of interest-free solar panels.

Summary Of the CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers

One of the main components of the Roshan Gharana Scheme, the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme is expected to enable about 50,000 farmers in the region.By using the solar energy, our Punjabi farmers are able to implement the environmentally friendly farming techniques and greatly decrease the their dependency on the present solar energy sources. Grab this opportunity now that could change your life today. To start and using the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme and take steps for a more sustainable and the promising future, go to the Bank of Punjab branch that is nearest to you and then pick up a registration form and then get started.

Free Maryam Nawaz Solar Panels by CNIC

Quick Guide to Get Free Maryam Nawaz Solar Panels by CNIC

Read This Quick Guide to Get Free Maryam Nawaz Solar Panels by CNIC and You will now be able to save power because you will need to install it in your home, and your fan, light, and other appliances will all operate perfectly without any extra help. With Eid approaching, solar system prices have dropped significantly in Pakistan. Near Eid, no facility is purchasing systems, and solar system costs in Pakistan have dropped significantly. Maybe their costs should rise after Eid. However, because to Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s “Roshan Gharana Scheme” of the Punjab government, you will now receive solar panels for free.

CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme 2024 | Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024
CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme 2024 | Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024

Advantages of Roshan Ghrana Scheme

here are the biggest benefits of the Roshan Ghrana scheme of 2024 which are available in Punjab Pakistan:

  • The Government of Punjab provides free Solar Panels.
  • Free 2 to 3 Solar Panels Can Received on Each ID Card Person.
  • Other necessary items like an inverter battery are also included.
  • There is no charge for the battery inverter, wiring, or installation.
  • Great savings on electricity costs.

Conditions for the Maryam Nawaz Roshan Gharana Program

Some major things are require to participate in this scheme:

  • Your Electricity Wapda Bill
  • Your National ID Card
  • Your Mobile Number

For a chance to take part, go to any Punjab Bank or Meezan Bank branch in Punjab. The forms are not available online, therefore you must go to a bank location.

Use These Steps to Apply for Free Maryam Nawaz Solar Panels by CNIC

Here are the 5 steps to apply for the Roshan Gharana Program For Free Solar Panels by CNIC:

  1. Go to the Bank: Visit any Punjab Bank or Meezan Bank branch that’s located in Punjab.
  2. Important Paperwork: Keep your ID card with you, your cell phone number, and your utility bill with you.
  3. Complete the following form: Tell the bank employees that you would like to participate in the Free Roshan Gharana program. They will give you the required form and help you to complete it.
  4. Wait for Acceptance: Wait a few days after submitting the form. You will get a call telling you to pick up your solar panels if you qualify.
  5. Collection: After you’ve been informed, pick up your free solar panels by going to the provided place.

To apply for the Roshan Gharana Scheme, who is eligible?

Any Punjabi citizen who has a current Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) has become eligible to apply.

How many solar panels is it possible for one person to get?

Two or three solar panels are available for each ID card holder.

Does the installation process come with a price?

No, the inverter battery, wiring, and installation are all free of cost.

Can I apply for the scheme online?

No, only specific bank branches are accepting these kind of applications.

What happens if my bank account is closed?

It is not required to have a bank account in order to take part in the scheme. All you have to do is provide the necessary paperwork to the bank.

The House Owners have a golden chance to use the free green energy without any cost from the free solar panels by the Roshan Ghrana Scheme. This Scheme was started by the government of Punjab and led by Maryam Nawaz Sharif Daughter of Nawaz Sharif. The main benefits of this program are giving free solar panels, free solar inverters, and free solar batteries to use green energy and reduce the electricity wapda costs in Pakistan which is going up day by day in Pakistan. To Participate in the Roshan Ghrana Scheme To Get the Free Maryam Nawaz Solar Panels by CNIC join the program and movement toward a brighter, more sustainable future in Pakistan.