DQ6-22T Submersible Motor Pakistan


DQ6 Submersible Motor Pakistan: Empowering Agricultural and Borehole Pumping Systems

Discover the exceptional capabilities of the DQ6 Submersible Motor in Pakistan – the ideal solution for agriculture, irrigation, water supply, and borehole pumping systems. With a power range of 4 KW to 22 KW, the DQ6 motor is designed to provide high durability and reliability. Explore the best submersible motor prices in Pakistan for unparalleled value.

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DQ6-22T Submersible Motor Pakistan, The DQ6 Submersible Motor takes center stage as a powerhouse in the realm of water supply, agriculture, irrigation, and borehole pumping systems across Pakistan. This comprehensive guide will unveil the features, advantages, and applications of the DQ6 motor, demonstrating its prowess in enhancing efficiency and performance. Join us as we dive into the intricacies of the DQ6 Submersible Motor and its impact on various sectors.

Unveiling the DQ6 Submersible Motor: Elevating Performance and Reliability

The DQ6 Submersible Motor stands as a testament to innovation and engineering excellence. Designed to cater to a variety of pumping needs, this motor is not only a symbol of power but also a beacon of reliability, serving as a driving force behind agricultural growth and water supply sustainability.

Key Features for Optimal Results

  1. Versatile Applications: The DQ6 Submersible Motor is engineered to excel in a range of applications, from agriculture and irrigation to water supply and borehole pumping systems.
  2. Power Range: With a power range of 4 KW to 22 KW, the motor offers versatility and adaptability to suit various pumping requirements.
  3. Market-Driven Design: The DQ6 motor has been meticulously crafted to meet market demands, ensuring high durability and longevity.

Technical Parameters 50Hz

Rated Power (KW)22
Rated Power (HP)30
Voltage (V)380
Frequency (Hz)50
Efficiency %79.5
Pf (Power Factor)0.85
Rated Current (A)47

The Perfect Solution for Agriculture and Irrigation

In the realm of agriculture and irrigation, the DQ6 Submersible Motor emerges as a game-changer, elevating productivity and resource efficiency to new heights.

Evolving Agricultural Techniques

Agricultural Growth: The DQ6 motor contributes significantly to agricultural growth by ensuring a consistent and reliable water supply for irrigation, ultimately leading to improved crop yields.

Irrigation Efficiency: With its performance-driven design, the motor optimizes irrigation practices, minimizing water wastage and maximizing the utilization of this valuable resource.

Best Submersible Motor Price in Pakistan

At the heart of the DQ6 Submersible Motor's appeal is its exceptional value proposition. Balancing performance with affordability, this motor provides a reliable solution without breaking the bank.

Delivering Durability and Reliability

High Durability: The DQ6 Submersible Motor has been designed for longevity, making it a sound investment that will serve you reliably over the long term.

Reliability: With its dependable performance, the motor ensures an uninterrupted water supply, meeting the demands of various applications.


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In the landscape of water supply, agriculture, irrigation, and borehole pumping systems, the DQ6 Submersible Motor emerges as a force to be reckoned with. With its adaptable power range, market-driven durability, and affordability, this motor is poised to transform the way Pakistan harnesses and utilizes its water resources. Embrace the power of the DQ6 Submersible Motor and unlock new avenues of agricultural growth and resource efficiency.

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