HD-4SC6112-200-1300 watts -AC/DC Solar Water Pump


Introducing the HD-4SC6112-200-1300 watts – AC/DC Solar Water Pump, the cutting-edge solution tailored for Punjab, Pakistan, where reliability and efficiency are paramount.


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The HD-4SC6112-200-1300 watts AC/DC Solar Water Pump is a Handuro water solar pump designed to meet the demands of Punjab’s specific requirements. With its high-efficiency permanent magnetic motor, this pump delivers a remarkable 15%-30% improvement in efficiency compared to conventional pumps.

Notably, the HD-4SC6112-200-1300 watts AC/DC Solar Water Pump boasts a significantly longer lifespan compared to conventional AC water pumps.

Technical Data:
Model: HD-4SC6-112-110-1300
Voltage (VDC): 110VDC
Best Voltage(VDC): 120-150VDC
Power(w): 1300W
Max Flow (m³/h): 6 m³/h
Max Head(m): 112m
Outlet(Inch): 1.25 inch

Product Specifications

  • Power Source Compatibility: Solar panels and AC electricity
  • Efficiency Improvement: 15%-30% higher efficiency with permanent magnetic motor
  • Safety Features: Over-load protection, under-load protection, lock-rotor protection, thermal protection
  • MPPT Function: Optimizes solar power utilization for maximum efficiency
  • Longevity: Significantly longer lifespan compared to standard AC water pumps
  • Suitability: Specifically designed for Punjab’s environmental conditions and water pumping needs
  • Performance: Consistent, reliable operation in varied conditions
  • Environmental Impact: Harnesses clean energy, promoting environmental sustainability

Key Features:

  1. Dual Power Capability: This pump can be powered by both solar energy and AC electricity, ensuring uninterrupted operation regardless of power availability or environmental conditions.
  2. High-Efficiency Permanent Magnetic Motor: The inclusion of a high-efficiency motor leads to a significant improvement in overall efficiency (around 15%-30%) compared to traditional water pumps, resulting in reduced energy consumption and increased output.
  3. Integrated Safety Protections: Equipped with a range of safety features including over-load protection, under-load protection, lock-rotor protection, and thermal protection, ensuring the longevity of the pump and safe operation under varying conditions.
  4. MPPT Functionality: The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function optimizes the utilization of solar power, enhancing efficiency by maximizing the power extracted from the solar panels, especially in areas with varying sunlight.
  5. Longer Lifespan: This model is designed for an extended operational life compared to standard AC water pumps, reducing maintenance requirements and operational downtime.
  6. Flexible Applications: Reasonable for different water siphoning needs, for example, rural water system, domesticated animals watering, and homegrown water supply, making it an adaptable arrangement.


  1. Initial Investment: The upfront cost of acquiring and installing solar-powered systems can be relatively high compared to traditional water pumps. Notwithstanding, it’s critical to consider the drawn out reserve funds in energy costs and diminished ecological effect.
  2. Dependent on Sunlight: As a solar-powered pump, its efficiency and performance are contingent on the availability of sunlight. Cloudy days or limited sunlight might affect its output, although the MPPT function helps optimize solar power utilization.
  3. Technical Expertise for Installation and Maintenance: Installation and maintenance of solar-powered systems might require specialized technical knowledge, which could pose a challenge for users without prior experience or access to trained professionals.
  4. Space Requirement for Solar Panels: Adequate space for installing solar panels is essential for optimal performance, and this might not be feasible for users with limited space availability.

The HD-4SC-AC/DC Solar Water Pump is not just a pump; it’s a testament to innovation, efficiency, and reliability tailored for Punjab, Pakistan.


The HD-4SC6112-200-1300watts – AC/DC Solar Water DC Pump Price in Pakistan is Around Rs: 49500.


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