Revolutionizing Agriculture: LSP-40K Solar TubeWell Pumping System in Pakistan


In the heart of Pakistan’s agricultural landscape, the struggle for efficient water management is real. The escalating costs of fuel and the impracticality of traditional pumping systems have burdened farmers with unprecedented challenges.

Qalseen Pump stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a game-changing solution — the LSP Solar TubeWell Pumping System. This groundbreaking technology not only addresses the water scarcity issue but also provides a sustainable and cost-effective alternative for farmers across Pakistan.

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The Essence of Solar TubeWell Solutions

Water Scarcity Challenge

 LSP-40K Solar TubeWell Pumping System in Pakistan, The agricultural sector in Pakistan faces a daunting water scarcity problem. With the relentless increase in fuel costs and the impracticality of conventional pumping methods, the abstraction of water has become a formidable challenge for farmers. Qalseen Pump, recognizing the urgency of the situation, provides affordable and practical alternatives to individual farmers and businesses.

Our Capability

At Qalseen Pump, we take pride in our ability to design solar tube well systems of any size and type. From small-scale pumping solutions for individuals to comprehensive water supply systems for entire villages, our expertise knows no bounds. Our Solar PV systems emerge as the best long-term solution, boasting an unparalleled cost-performance ratio for both agricultural irrigation and clean drinking water, powered entirely by solar energy.

Motor Power (KW)4
Motor Current (V)380-415
Solar System Configuration
Max PV Capacity (KW)6
Max PV Capacity (Watts)6000
Solar Pump Inverter (KW)4
Mounting TypeGround Mounting (Pole Mounting On Demand)

Solar Energy System for Agriculture

Addressing the Energy Crisis

Recognizing the pivotal role of agriculture in Pakistan's economy, Qalseen Pump introduces the SOLAR ZARAI TUBEWELL PUMPING SYSTEM. This visionary system serves as an alternative energy resource, empowering farmers to overcome the energy crisis that has cast a shadow over their livelihoods.

Agricultural Needs

Pakistan's economy is intricately woven with agriculture, with 70 percent of the population residing in rural areas. The toil of farmers, investing in crops and securing loans in the hope of profitable returns, has been hampered by the energy crisis. The inability to operate pipeline wells due to electricity shortages and soaring diesel prices has exacerbated their plight.

Qalseen Pump: A Ray of Hope

In the face of adversity, Qalseen Pump, formerly known as Soherwardia Engineering Corporation, emerges as a beacon of hope. It understands the struggles of Pakistani farmers and endeavors to bridge the gap created by critical conditions. Our Solar TubeWell services are not just a solution; they are a lifeline for farmers striving to make ends meet.

Serving Farmers Nationwide

Comprehensive Services

Qalseen Pump is not confined by geographical boundaries. We extend our services of solar tube well and drip irrigation systems to farmers across Pakistan. Whether in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, or any other city, our commitment remains unwavering.

Empowering Agriculture

Our services encompass solar water pumps and drip irrigation systems, empowering farmers to efficiently manage water resources and optimize crop yield. We operate in cities such as Multan, Kasur, Khushab, Mianwali, Hyderabad, Chiniot, Okara, Rajanpur, Sahiwal, Pakpattan, and beyond, ensuring that no corner of Pakistan remains untouched by the transformative power of the LSP Solar TubeWell Pumping System.

The LSP Solar TubeWell Pumping System by Qalseen Pump is not just a technological marvel; it is a revolution in agriculture. As we navigate the challenges posed by water scarcity and energy crises, Qalseen Pump stands tall, offering a sustainable and efficient solution that propels Pakistani agriculture into a brighter, more prosperous future. Embrace the power of solar energy with us, and let's redefine the landscape of farming in Pakistan together.

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