Narada Battery Aceme-G 12V-155 Ahf


The Narada AcmeG Front Terminal Dry Battery represents a leap forward in energy storage technology. With its polymer gel electrolyte, front terminal access, and high energy density, the AcmeG range sets new standards for reliability, safety, and efficiency.

Whether in telecommunications, IT, renewable energy, emergency lighting, or transportation, the AcmeG Dry Battery proves to be a versatile and indispensable solution.

As we strive towards a greener and more sustainable future, Narada’s commitment to innovation continues to pave the way for advanced energy storage solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

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Narada AcmeG Front Terminal Dry Battery

An Advanced Solution for High-Reliability Energy Storage

Narada Battery Aceme-G 12V-155 Ahf, In the realm of energy storage solutions, the Narada AcmeG Front Terminal Dry Battery stands out as a cutting-edge product from the renowned Acme series. This range of front access valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries is equipped with a polymer gel electrolyte and a real front access structure, revolutionizing the conventional approach to energy storage.

The AcmeG Dry Battery boasts state-of-the-art internal and external design, ensuring unparalleled reliability, simplicity in installation, and utmost safety, whether placed on a standard relay rack tray or within a closed cabinet. This comprehensive article explores the key features, advantages, and applications of the Narada AcmeG Front Terminal Dry Battery.

Unveiling the AcmeG Range of Front Terminal Dry Batteries

The Narada AcmeG Front Terminal Dry Battery is a significant leap forward in VRLA battery technology. By incorporating a polymer gel electrolyte, this series surpasses traditional lead-acid batteries in both performance and longevity. The real front access structure further enhances the user experience, providing unparalleled convenience during installation, maintenance, and monitoring processes.

Key Features

Polymer Gel Electrolyte: The AcmeG Dry Battery employs a polymer gel electrolyte, which significantly enhances its safety, durability, and overall performance. This advanced electrolyte composition ensures efficient electrolyte retention and minimizes the risk of acid leakage, making it an environmentally friendly and maintenance-free solution.

State-of-the-art Design: Narada has meticulously engineered the AcmeG range, combining cutting-edge internal and external design aspects. This holistic approach results in exceptional energy density, making the batteries suitable for a wide array of applications.

Front Terminal Access: The real front access structure facilitates effortless installation and maintenance. With easy access to the terminals, users can conveniently connect, inspect, and replace batteries, streamlining operational processes and reducing downtime.

High Energy Density: Designed to excel in various demanding scenarios, the AcmeG Front Terminal Dry Battery offers an impressive energy density, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply for critical applications.

Rack and Cabinet Compatibility: The Narada AcmeG range is specifically tailored to fit seamlessly into standard 19″ and 23″ rack or cabinet systems. This feature enables versatile deployment options, ensuring adaptability to diverse environments.

Advantages of Narada AcmeG Front Terminal Dry Battery

Enhanced Reliability: The AcmeG Dry Battery is built with a focus on providing unmatched reliability. The advanced polymer gel electrolyte and robust design work in tandem to deliver consistent and stable performance over extended periods.

Maintenance-free Operation: Thanks to the polymer gel electrolyte, the AcmeG batteries require minimal maintenance. Users can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the batteries operate efficiently without the need for constant upkeep.

Improved Safety Standards: Safety is a paramount concern in energy storage applications, and the AcmeG range excels in this regard. The reduced risk of acid leakage ensures a safer working environment and minimizes potential hazards.

Streamlined Installation and Monitoring: With the real front access structure, installing, monitoring, and maintaining the AcmeG batteries becomes a hassle-free process. This feature saves valuable time and effort for technicians, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

Environmentally Friendly: The utilization of polymer gel electrolytes reduces the environmental impact of the AcmeG batteries. They are non-toxic and can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner, adhering to sustainable practices.

Nominal Voltage12V
Rated Capacity (Ah)155
Total Height270
Weight (Kg)52.5


The Narada AcmeG Front Terminal Dry Battery finds diverse applications across various industries and sectors:

Telecommunication Networks: The AcmeG range is ideal for providing backup power to telecommunication base stations and data centers, ensuring uninterrupted communication and data transmission.

Information Technology (IT): In IT infrastructures, these batteries serve as reliable backup power sources for servers, networking equipment, and critical data storage systems, preventing data loss and downtime during power outages.

Renewable Energy Systems: AcmeG batteries play a pivotal role in storing energy generated from renewable sources such as solar and wind power, delivering a steady supply of electricity even during periods of low or no generation.

Emergency Lighting Systems: Ensuring the safety and functionality of emergency lighting systems, AcmeG Dry Batteries offer dependable power reserves in critical situations.

Transportation Sector: In transportation applications, such as electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, these batteries serve as essential energy storage components, powering the vehicles efficiently and sustainably.

The Narada AcmeG Front Terminal Dry Battery represents a leap forward in energy storage technology. With its polymer gel electrolyte, front terminal access, and high energy density, the AcmeG range sets new standards for reliability, safety, and efficiency.

Whether in telecommunications, IT, renewable energy, emergency lighting, or transportation, the AcmeG Dry Battery proves to be a versatile and indispensable solution. As we strive towards a greener and more sustainable future, Narada's commitment to innovation continues to pave the way for advanced energy storage solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

Narada Battery Aceme-G 12V-155 Ahf

Narada Gel Battery

Unparalleled Technical Advancements in Front Terminal Lead Acid Batteries

In the realm of cutting-edge energy storage solutions, the Narada Gel Battery stands tall as a pioneering product that redefines the standards of reliability, safety, and efficiency. Designed with the latest advancements in polymer-gel valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery technology, the Narada Gel Battery offers exceptional performance for a wide range of applications. This comprehensive article explores the technical features and advantages of the Narada Gel Battery, highlighting its front terminal design, robust safety features, and compliance with various international standards.

Polymer-Gel Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Technology

At the heart of the Narada Gel Battery lies the polymer-gel VRLA technology, which revolutionizes traditional lead-acid batteries. The polymer-gel electrolyte significantly enhances safety and durability by preventing acid leakage, making the battery virtually maintenance-free. This advanced technology ensures that the battery performs consistently and reliably, even in demanding conditions.

Front Terminal Design for Seamless Integration

The Narada Gel Battery is thoughtfully designed with a front terminal configuration, making it an ideal fit for 19”/21” cabinets. This feature streamlines the installation process, allowing for quick and convenient integration into existing setups. The front terminal design also facilitates easy accessibility, ensuring effortless connection and maintenance procedures.

Strong Handles for Enhanced Operational Ease

To further enhance user experience, the Narada Gel Battery is equipped with robust handles. These sturdy handles not only provide a secure grip during handling but also contribute to the overall durability of the battery. This thoughtful addition ensures that operational tasks are carried out with ease and efficiency.

Patent Terminal Sealing & Front Access

Narada takes pride in its innovative approach to design, evident in the patent terminal sealing and front access feature of the Gel Battery. This technology ensures superior sealing capabilities, safeguarding the battery against external elements and potential damage. The front access design simplifies maintenance procedures, reducing downtime and enhancing the overall longevity of the battery.

Self-Regulating Pressure Relief Valve with Flame Arrester

Safety remains a paramount concern in energy storage systems, and the Narada Gel Battery incorporates a self-regulating pressure relief valve with a flame arrester. This intelligent safety mechanism efficiently releases excess gas pressure while preventing external flames from entering the battery. This safeguard further solidifies the Gel Battery's reputation as a reliable and secure energy storage solution.

Terminal Cover for Enhanced Insulation

In pursuit of optimal safety and performance, the Narada Gel Battery includes a terminal cover for improved insulation. This cover not only minimizes the risk of accidental electrical contact but also ensures flexible access during maintenance operations. The thoughtful design adds an extra layer of protection, making the battery suitable for critical applications where safety is of utmost importance.

Flame Retardant ABS Case (UL94 V-0, Optional)

Acknowledging the significance of fire safety, Narada offers an optional flame retardant ABS case (UL94 V-0) for the Gel Battery. This choice ensures that the battery meets stringent fire resistance standards, providing peace of mind in scenarios where fire hazards are a concern.

Centralized H2 Gas Vent Kit

The Gel Battery is equipped with a centralized H2 gas vent kit that efficiently manages and disperses hydrogen gas generated during the battery's operation. This centralized system simplifies gas management and ensures a safe working environment, especially in enclosed spaces.

Low Self-Discharge Rate

One of the noteworthy advantages of the Narada Gel Battery is its impressively low self-discharge rate. This feature allows the battery to retain its charge over extended periods of storage, making it an excellent choice for backup power applications.

Compliant with International Standards

The Narada Gel Battery is meticulously designed to comply with a wide array of international standards, including IEC, IEEE, UL, EN, CE, and more. This commitment to adherence ensures that the battery meets the strictest industry benchmarks for performance, safety, and environmental considerations.

Extended Design Life

With a design life of 12+ years at 25°C (77°F), the Narada Gel Battery exemplifies exceptional longevity and reliability. This extended lifespan makes it a cost-effective and sustainable solution for various applications.

The Narada Gel Battery represents a remarkable fusion of innovative technology, superior safety features, and adherence to international standards. With its polymer-gel VRLA technology, front terminal design, and advanced safety mechanisms, this battery is poised to redefine the energy storage landscape.

The Narada Gel Battery's extended design life and low maintenance requirements further solidify its position as a top-tier solution for critical applications. Whether in telecommunications, data centers, renewable energy systems, or emergency backup scenarios, the Narada Gel Battery continues to demonstrate its unmatched technical prowess and reliability, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable energy future.

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Haani Solar is a reputed company known for its expertise in the solar energy industry. They specialize in providing a wide range of solar products and solutions, including solar panels, inverters, solar batteries, and other related accessories. With a commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, Haani Solar aims to offer high-quality and efficient solar solutions to meet the growing global demand for clean and green energy alternatives.

Narada Batteries:

Narada is a well-established manufacturer of advanced energy storage solutions, including batteries and related technologies. They are known for their cutting-edge innovations in lead-acid, lithium-ion, and other battery technologies, catering to a diverse range of industries and applications. Narada batteries are renowned for their high reliability, exceptional performance, and adherence to international standards, making them a trusted choice for various energy storage needs.

Choosing Haani Solar as Your Narada Battery Supplier:

If you are looking for a reliable supplier for Narada batteries, Haani Solar can be a promising choice. As a reputable company in the solar energy sector, Haani Solar is likely to offer a seamless experience in acquiring Narada batteries. By partnering with Haani Solar, you can benefit from their expertise in the solar industry and their commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions.

However, before making any business decisions, it is essential to conduct thorough research and consider factors such as pricing, product availability, customer support, and other aspects to ensure that Haani Solar aligns with your specific requirements and preferences.

Always remember to assess your energy storage needs and explore multiple suppliers to make an informed decision that best suits your business or personal needs.

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