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Discover the powerful capabilities of the Qalseen QSP160 submersible pump – your ideal choice for pumping groundwater. Designed with efficiency in mind, this stainless-steel marvel comes in AISI 304 material grades, featuring motor sizes ranging from 15 kW to 250 kW. Learn how the QSP160 makes your borehole pump needs a breeze.


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The Qalseen QSP160 Submersible Pump: Your Ultimate Borehole Solution

QSP10-160-1 Submersible Pump Pakistan, When it comes to harnessing groundwater, the Qalseen QSP160 submersible pump stands as the epitome of cutting-edge engineering. This comprehensive guide will delve into every facet of this remarkable borehole pump, from its impeccable design to the materials that ensure its longevity. Join us on a journey through the features, specifications, and FAQs surrounding the QSP160, and discover how it can revolutionize groundwater pumping.

The Qalseen QSP10-160-1 Submersible Pump: Delivering Superior Performance

The Qalseen QSP160 submersible pump isn't just any pump – it's a masterwork of hydraulic engineering. Its core purpose is simple yet crucial: to pump groundwater effectively. What sets the QSP160 apart is its proficiency in achieving this task with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Key Features that Define Excellence

  1. All Stainless-Steel Construction: The QSP160 boasts an all-stainless-steel build, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, even in challenging environments.
  2. Designed for Deep Boreholes: With a discharge nozzle size of 6 inches, the pump is tailored for boreholes of 12 inches or above, making it an ideal solution for tapping into deep groundwater sources.
  3. Powerful Motor Range: The QSP160 is available with motor sizes ranging from 15 kW to an impressive 250 kW, accommodating diverse pumping requirements.


Technical Parameters QSP10-160

Power (HP)17.5
Power (KW)13
H (meters)18 - 20 - 23 - 25
Flow (l/min)3000-2666-2000-1666
Flow (m3/hr)180-160-120-100

Unveiling AISI 304 Material Grades

In the world of engineering, materials matter, and the Qalseen QSP160 shines in this department. Crafted from AISI 304 material grades, this submersible borehole pump exhibits exceptional resistance to corrosion and oxidation. This means that the pump maintains its integrity even when exposed to the elements over extended periods.

Optimized Groundwater Extraction

The Qalseen QSP160 submersible pump isn't just about raw power – it's about optimizing groundwater extraction to ensure efficiency and sustainability. Whether you're seeking to supply water for agricultural needs, residential consumption, or industrial applications, this pump has you covered.

Intelligent Pumping Solutions

Energy Efficiency: The QSP160 is designed to minimize energy consumption, translating to lower operational costs and reduced environmental impact.

Consistent Performance: With its innovative design and precision engineering, the pump maintains steady water flow, ensuring a reliable water supply.

Low Maintenance: Thanks to its robust construction and high-quality materials, the pump requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the realm of groundwater pumping, the Qalseen QSP160 submersible pump emerges as an unmatched contender. Its stainless-steel build, AISI 304 material grades, and versatile motor options reflect its commitment to durability, efficiency, and adaptability.

With its energy-saving features and minimal maintenance requirements, the QSP160 transforms groundwater extraction into a seamless and cost-effective process. Embrace the power of the QSP160 and unlock a new era of efficient borehole pumping.

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