Qsp6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump


Qsp6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump is a new model of Qasleen Pump and a 6” Series of QSP Stainless Steel Pump. This water tubewell borehole submersible pump offers a nozzle size of 2.5 inches otherwise on demand it will go from 3″ to 4″. Buy the best and most genuine Qalseen submersible pumps online at the best prices in Pakistan at qas4.com.

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Important Key Features of Qsp6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump

Qsp6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump is very hard and deeply worked on to design and manufacture to remember himself in the submersible pumps market in Pakistan. PAkistan's Water Pump Market Demands that Submersible Pump That can run trouble-free during operation, and headache-free life, has the lowest cost and high quality with stainless steel material and durability, and is built with the best high-grade materials. Qalseen Pump Has Made it, The Seiries of Qalseen QSP are the best and going high in the market day by day, and we are recommending to all our trusted customers that pumps.

High A Grade Stainless Steel Materials

The QSP6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump is designed with a compact and reliable smooth design, high overall efficiency, and reduced the high energy consumption, thereby lowering the operating costs of pumping systems. QSP6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump utilization of high-quality stainless steel material grade AISI 304 that contributes to its energy efficiency, and that's guaranteeing a long and trouble-free operational lifespan.

Technical Parameters (50 Hz)

Motor Power (KW)5.5
Motor Power (HP)7.5
Discharge Nozzle (in)3" Optional 2.5"
Flow l/min333 - 416 - 500 - 583
Flow M3/hr20 - 25 - 30 - 35
Head (meters)59- 54 - 46 - 35

Applications of Qalseen Submersible Pumps in Pakistan

Material Composition of QSP6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump Components

The QSP6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump series features heavy-duty cast stainless steel construction for both top and bottom components, impeller, and diffuser. the QSP6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump is Crafted from high-quality food-grade stainless steel material grade AISI 304, these components offer excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring prolonged and trouble-free operation of pumping systems.

Diverse The Water Pumping Applications

The QSP6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump is widely favored and considered an ideal choice for a diverse array of pumping system applications, with solar tubewell pumping being just one example. This pump model is predominantly suitable for the following water pumping applications.

Qsp6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump is the best Choice For Domestic industrial and also for commercial water supply in Pakistan. and also fire fighting water pumping systems, shower agriculture running irrigation systems, sprinkler water pumping systems, agriculture pumping systems, industry mining, dewatering pumping systems, and drainage water systems.

Qsp6-30 SS (Stainless Steel Submersible Pump)

Qsp6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump

If are you finding a product that can run long life, a reliable and durable submersible water pump for your electric tubewell submersible pumping system, or for solar submersible tubewell pumping system, you are at the right place. our experts in water pumping systems will recommend the best model for your water solution. Choose the Qsp6 30-6 Qalseen Submersible Pump for your water tubewell pumping solution. The Model Qsp6 30-6 is a series of Qalseen Submersible Pump and this is very suitable for any kind of water pumping solution.

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