QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump


Let’s Get the water solutions with the QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump. this a Product of Qalseen Pump. it’s a Model of Series QSP, The Main Model of Qsp46 with Stages Stainless Steel Impeller Coupled Pump. This is a High Quality reliable, and with Best operating Performance, Long Life Span and energy efficient performance pump. this Pumps series defines that the products are designed for the the water management.

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Special Attributes Of QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump

The QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump is a QSP46 Series from Qalseen Submersible Pump is not just a range of pumps, it's a commitment to excellence. These submersible borehole pumps offer unbeatable best reliability and guarantee that your water management stays smooth and very effective. More than reliability The QSP6 Series is a shining example of saving energy, An example of engineering efficiency is that lowers operating expenses of high cost.

The QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump is designed and engineered to meet the exacting demands of today's submersible pump market. Our Qsp 46 Series submersible pump design takes the guarantees of the need for seamless operational performance, cost-effectiveness, and the use of high-quality (SS) stainless steel materials for enduring durability.

High Grade (ss) Stainless Steel Materiel

Premium Stainless Steel Construction Built with top-of-the-line stainless steel, the QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump boasts a compact yet robust design, ensuring exceptional efficiency and minimal energy consumption. This Model of Qsp Series 46-2 translates to lower operational costs for water pumping systems. Our QSP pump's Uses of high-grade AISI 304 stainless steel material guarantees an extended long lifespan, free from the hassles of frequent maintenance, and ensures continuous trouble-free operations.

Technical Parameters (50Hz)

Motor Power (KW)3
Motor Power (HP)4
Discharge Nozzle (in)3" Optional 4"
Flow l/min583 - 666 - 766 - 833
Flow M3/hr35 - 40 - 46 - 50
Head (meters)21 - 20 - 18 - 17

Materials Used in QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump

The QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump series utilizes heavy-duty cast stainless steel for its borehole pump components, including the top and bottom, impeller, and diffuser. These components are Maded from high-quality A-grade stainless steel material, specifically, AISI 304 is known for its corrosion resistance. That guarantees that for a long life operation and problem-free pumping systems.

Diverse Water Pumping Capabilities

The QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump is widely favored and recognized as the ideal choice for various pumping system applications in Pakistan. Among these, solar tubewell pumping stands out prominently. Additionally, the QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump is well-suited for a broad spectrum of water pumping applications.

QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump: Your Reliable Choice

For a dependable, long-lasting submersible pump for your electric or solar tubewell pumping system, look no further. Choose the QSP6 46-2 Qalseen Submersible Water Pump from Qalseen Pumps. Our Qsp 46-2 Pump model is designed to meet the demands of any tubewell water pumping application and offer durability and reliability.

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If you're finding a solar tubewell pumping system with the QSP6 46-2 Submersible Water Pump, our experts can provide our full guidance and design assistance. Contact us for any water-pumping solution or any support.

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