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RISEN ENERGY CO., LTD is One of the Best Solar Panel Manufacturers in China. Risen Energy is a reliable and trusted company in China that Offers 15 Years of Product Warranty like Solar modules.

Today’s Risen¬†Energy Solar Panels Cost

Risen energy panels are available in different wattages like 270 watts, 330 watts, 420 watts, 560 watts, 675 watts, and 670 watts these wattages of solar panels are available at Haani solar Qas4.com to Buy the Risen Energy solar panels at the lowest cost and genuine products that are available in Pakistan.

The Risen Solar Panel Price is Rs: 33,040/- for a 560-watt solar plate. The Price of Rs: 25,200 is for 1 Solar Plate in Pakistan. and the risen 330-watt solar plate price is around Rs: 36,210 in Pakistan.

The Risen Energy Solar Panel Prices Start From Rs: 23,085/-. and the average price is Rs: 36,210. otherwise the maximum price is Rs: 39,825/-. and the maximum estimated price is Rs: 43,999 in Pakistan.

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