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RISEN ENERGY CO., LTD is One of the Best Solar Panel Manufacturers in China. Risen Energy is a reliable and trusted company in China that Offers 15 Years of Product Warranty like Solar modules.

Today’s Risen Energy Panels Cost

Risen energy panels are available in different wattages like 270 watts, 330 watts, 420 watts, 560 watts, 675 watts, and 670 watts these wattages of solar panels are available at Haani solar Qas4.com to Buy the Risen Energy solar panels at the lowest cost and genuine products that are available in Pakistan.

The Risen Solar Panel Price is Rs: 33,040/- for a 560-watt solar plate. The Price of Rs: 25,200 is for 1 Solar Plate in Pakistan. and the risen 330-watt solar plate price is around Rs: 36,210 in Pakistan.

The Risen Energy Solar Panel Prices Start From Rs: 23,085/-. and the average price is Rs: 36,210. otherwise the maximum price is Rs: 39,825/-. and the maximum estimated price is Rs: 43,999 in Pakistan.

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Risen Energy Solar Panel Prices

ProductPrice in Pakistan
Risen Energy 270w Panel31,100
Risen 330w Panel36,210
Risen Titan 420W Mono Perc Panel24,360
Risen Titan 560W Mono Perc Panel31,920
Risen Titan 675W Mono Perc Panel39,825
Risen Titan 420W Panel25,200
Risen Titan 405W Panel23,085
Risen Energy Titan 560 watt Panel33,040
Risen Energy Titan 670 watt Panel38,860

A Grade Risen Solar Panel Price Per Watt

Solar Panel Brand & Company Name Price Per WattPrice in Rs:
Risen Titan 420W Mono Perc Solar Plate5824,360
Risen Titan 560W Mono Perc Solar Plate5731,920
Risen Titan 675W Mono Perc Solar Plate5939,825
Risen Titan 420W Mono Perc in a black frame6025,200
Risen Titan 405W Mono Perc In a black frame5723,085
Risen Energy Titan 560 watt Bifacial Perc Solar Plate5933,040
Risen Energy Titan 670 watt Bifacial Perc Solar Plate5838,860

B-Grade Risen Solar Panel Price in Pakistan – Bifacial Series

Solar Panel Brand & Company Name Price Per WattPrice in Rs:
Risen Titan 675W Mono Perc4530375
Risen Energy Titan 560 watt Bifacial Perc4726320
Risen Energy Titan 670 watt Bifacial Perc4932830

Solar Plates Cost In Pakistan

The cost of solar panels in Pakistan varies depending on the type, as each one has different features. Pakistan has seen a surge in the use of solar technology, and Pakistan residents have been among the country’s strongest proponents of solar energy use. Although there are other solar companies in Pakistan, Soherwardia Solar has made a name for itself as the country’s top supplier of high-quality, reasonably priced solar systems.

The solar panel piece in Pakistan is dependent on a number of variable elements and typically fluctuates with them, but we have maintained a standard where you will always get the best possible bargain, regardless of price fluctuations. Our solar panels are designed to meet the specific demands of each client, catering to all system and sector requirements.

We offer a wide range of projects in our portfolio, from 3 kW modest projects to 4 MW mega power projects. Our products are excellent and reasonably priced, whether they are used in the commercial, industrial, residential, or any other sector.

Industries Using Technology

The following industries make use of solar panel systems:

A significant number of industries, including residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and military, have shifted to solar technology due to its apparent advantages.

Factors Influencing Pakistan’s Solar Panel Prices

Numerous factors influence Pakistan’s solar panel prices. These elements consist of, but are not restricted to:

  • Quality of Semiconductors
  • Panel type and Watt capacity per panel
  • Quality of Semiconductors

The cost of solar plates in Pakistan is mostly determined by the quality of silicon used in the panels. Costlier than silicon, this semiconductor is the best available to date. Comparatively speaking, solar panels made of silicon are more expensive than those made of other semiconductors.

Panel Type

The rate of solar panels in Pakistan is also influenced by the type of solar panel. There are two primary classifications: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Polycrystalline solar panels are less expensive since they are less common and efficient. In contrast, monocrystalline solar panels are more expensive because of their higher production and comparative efficiency.

Watts for Every Panel Capacity

The amount of electric current that a solar panel can produce when exposed to solar radiation is measured by its watt-per-panel production capability. Lesser capacity solar panels are more cost-effective than larger capacity ones. For example, a 340-watt solar panel is less expensive than a 480-watt one.

The cost of solar panels in Pakistan is also influenced by a few additional factors, although they are not very significant. Unlike those previously mentioned, it is unable to exclusively determine the fluctuations in the prices of solar panels in Pakistan.