SolarMax 3KW R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter


The Solarmax R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter redefines energy independence and efficiency, providing multi-functionality, reliability, and eco-friendly performance in a compact and user-friendly design.

Its seamless power management, efficient energy utilization, and reliable backup support make it a top choice for residential and commercial applications.

Embrace the future of solar power with the Solarmax R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter and experience uninterrupted power supply and sustainability. Invest in this cutting-edge inverter for your energy needs, and elevate your energy independence to new heights.

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Introducing Solarmax R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter

SolarMax 3KW R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter, Experience the future of uninterrupted power support with the innovative 3KW Solarmax R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter. As a multi-functional inverter/charger, the SolarMax R4 seamlessly combines the roles of an inverter, solar charger, and battery charger in a portable and compact design.

Its advanced technology ensures a reliable power supply, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Let's explore the unique features and benefits of the SolarMax R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter.

Multi-Functionality Redefined

The Solarmax R4 is a true game-changer, offering a host of functions in a single unit. This versatile inverter acts as a solar charger and battery charger, providing a comprehensive solution for your energy needs in a portable and compact size.

Reliable Uninterruptible Power Support

With its comprehensive LCD display, the SolarMax R4 allows easy access to user-configurable settings. These settings include battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage, ensuring you have full control over your power supply based on various applications.

Efficient Energy Utilization

Harnessing solar energy efficiently, the SolarMax R4's solar charger optimizes energy conversion, making the most of available sunlight to charge your batteries and power-connected appliances.

Compact Design for Versatile Installations

The portable size of the SolarMax R4 allows for flexible and easy installations. Whether it's for residential use or an on-the-go power supply, this inverter fits seamlessly into various settings, providing convenience and reliability.

Tailored Power Priorities

Through the user-configurable settings, you can prioritize between AC and solar input, ensuring seamless switching and utilization of available power sources. This customization enables efficient energy management, especially during grid outages or low sunlight periods.

Reliable Backup Power

The Solarmax R4 is equipped with a battery charger that ensures your backup power source is always ready. During power outages, this inverter efficiently charges the batteries, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply to your essential appliances and devices.

Eco-Friendly Energy Solution

By harnessing solar energy and optimizing battery usage, the SolarMax R4 promotes sustainability and reduces reliance on conventional power sources. This eco-friendly approach contributes to a greener and more sustainable environment.

User-Friendly Interface

The comprehensive LCD display and easy-accessible button operations make the SolarMax R4 user-friendly. Anyone can navigate and configure the settings with ease, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Reliable Performance

Solarmax is renowned for its quality and reliability. The Solarmax R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter upholds this reputation, offering consistent and reliable performance, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Cost-Effective Energy Solution

Investing in the Solarmax R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter provides a cost-effective energy solution in the long run. By maximizing solar energy utilization and optimizing battery charging, you can significantly reduce your electricity bills and operating costs.

ModelSM-R4 3.2K/24
Output Voltage230 VAC
Battery Voltage24 VDC
Floating Charge Voltage27 VDC
Over Charge Protection32 VDC
Max PV (Voc) Input500 VDC
Max Input PV (W)4000W
MPP Operating (V)120-450 VDC
Max. Solar Charge (A)80 A
Max. AC Charge Current60 A
Max. Efficiency 98%

Main Features of the 3KW Solarmax R4 Hybrid Inverter

Discover the cutting-edge features of the SolarMax R4 Hybrid Inverter, a powerful and efficient solution that combines the capabilities of an inverter, solar charger, and battery charger in one versatile unit. Designed for seamless power management and reliable performance, the SolarMax R4 is the ultimate choice for harnessing solar energy efficiently. Let's explore its unique features and benefits:

Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter

The Solarmax R4 Hybrid Inverter ensures a smooth and stable power output, delivering a pure sine wave, which is vital for powering sensitive electronics and appliances without interruptions or distortion.

Output Power Factor -1

With an output power factor of -1, the SolarMax R4 provides enhanced power efficiency, enabling optimal energy utilization and minimizing wastage.

Selectable High Power Charging Current

Customize the charging current according to your energy requirements with the Solarmax R4. Its selectable high power charging feature allows you to tailor the charging process, optimizing battery performance and increasing charging efficiency.

Wide DC Input Range

The Solarmax R4 caters to varying DC input voltages, accommodating fluctuations in solar panel output and ensuring consistent energy conversion even in dynamic solar conditions.

Selectable Input Voltage Range

Easily configure the input voltage range to cater to your specific application needs, whether it's for home appliances or personal computers. This feature enhances energy adaptability and efficiency.

Configurable AC/Solar Input Priority Via LCD Settings

Take control of your power supply with the Solarmax R4's user-configurable AC/solar input priority settings. Customize the power source priority to utilize solar energy when available, contributing to energy savings.

Compatibility with Mains Voltage or Generator Power

The Solarmax R4 is designed to be compatible with both mains voltage and generator power, offering versatility and reliability, especially in areas with inconsistent grid connections.

Auto Restart During AC Recovery

Experience an uninterrupted power supply with the Solarmax R4's auto-restart function. It automatically resumes operation when AC power is restored, ensuring continuous performance.

Overload and Short Circuit Protection

Safety is a top priority with the Solarmax R4. It incorporates overload and short circuit protection mechanisms, safeguarding your connected appliances and devices from electrical hazards.

Smart Battery Charger Design

The intelligent battery charger design optimizes battery performance, including equalization and lifecycle management. This ensures efficient energy storage, prolonging the lifespan of your batteries.

Cold Start Functionality

Even during critical situations, the SolarMax R4 ensures reliable performance. Its cold start function allows it to power up without the need for a pre-charged battery, providing dependable backup power.

With its unmatched features and performance, the SolarMax R4 Hybrid Inverter revolutionizes solar power efficiency. Embrace the future of energy independence with this versatile and reliable solution. Invest in the SolarMax R4 for seamless power management, customized charging, and efficient energy utilization.

Experience uninterrupted power support and a greener energy alternative. Elevate your solar energy journey with the Solarmax R4 Hybrid Inverter and unlock a world of sustainable possibilities.

SolarMax 3KW R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter

Unique Benefits of Solarmax R4 Hybrid Inverter

Empowering Your Solar Journey

Advanced Multi-Functionality: The SolarMax R4 Hybrid Inverter stands out with its exceptional multi-functionality, combining the roles of an inverter, solar charger, and battery charger in a single compact unit. This unique feature allows for seamless power management and versatile energy utilization.

Enhanced Power Efficiency: With its pure sine wave output and output power factor of -1, the SolarMax R4 ensures high power efficiency. Enjoy stable and uninterrupted power supply, optimizing energy utilization and reducing wastage.

Customizable Charging Current: Tailor the charging current based on your energy needs with the Solarmax R4's selectable high-power charging feature. This flexibility empowers you to optimize battery performance and enhance overall charging efficiency.

Adaptable to Dynamic Solar Conditions: The SolarMax R4's wide DC input range accommodates varying solar panel outputs, making it adaptable to changing solar conditions. Experience consistent energy conversion, even during fluctuating sunlight levels.

Personalized Input Voltage Range: Customize the input voltage range to cater to specific applications, whether it's for powering home appliances or personal computers. This personalized setting ensures energy adaptability and efficient power utilization.

User-Configurable AC/Solar Priority: Take charge of your energy consumption with the Solarmax R4's AC/solar input priority settings. Prioritize solar energy usage when available, maximizing energy savings and contributing to a greener environment.

Versatile Compatibility: The SolarMax R4 is engineered to be compatible with mains voltage or generator power, offering versatility and reliability. This compatibility ensures an uninterrupted power supply, even in areas with inconsistent grid connections.

Seamless Auto Restart Function: Enjoy continuous performance with the Solarmax R4's auto-restart feature. When AC power is restored after an outage, the inverter automatically resumes operation, providing reliable and uninterrupted power support.

Safety-First Design: The SolarMax R4 prioritizes safety with its overload and short-circuit protection mechanisms. Your connected appliances and devices are shielded from electrical hazards, providing you peace of mind.

Intelligent Battery Management: The smart battery charger design optimizes battery performance, including equalization and lifecycle management. This intelligent approach ensures efficient energy storage, extending the lifespan of your batteries.

Dependable Cold Start Function: The SolarMax R4 guarantees reliability even in critical situations. Its cold start functionality allows it to power up without a pre-charged battery, ensuring dependable backup power when needed the most.

Empowering Sustainable Living: By harnessing solar energy efficiently and promoting eco-friendly practices, the SolarMax R4 empowers sustainable living. Reducing reliance on conventional power sources contributes to a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

The Solarmax R4 Hybrid Inverter offers a host of unique benefits, redefining solar power efficiency and energy independence. Its advanced features, user-friendly design, and unmatched reliability make it an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications.

Embrace the innovative Solarmax R4 Hybrid Inverter to experience seamless power management, personalized energy utilization, and uninterrupted energy supply. Elevate your solar journey and contribute to a sustainable future with the Solarmax R4 Hybrid Inverter, your gateway to empowered solar living.

Installation Instructions for Solarmax R4 Hybrid Inverter

Before proceeding with the installation of your SolarMax R4 Hybrid Inverter, ensure that you have read and understood the user manual provided with the product. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure a safe and successful installation:

1. Pre-Installation Preparations

Ensure Safety Precautions: Before beginning the installation, ensure that all electrical power sources are turned off, and safety precautions are taken to avoid electrical hazards.

Site Selection: Choose an appropriate location for the inverter installation. Select a well-ventilated area with sufficient space to accommodate the inverter and ensure proper heat dissipation.

Mounting Surface: The mounting surface should be sturdy, flat, and capable of supporting the weight of the inverter. Avoid installing the inverter in direct sunlight or areas with high temperatures.

Proper Wiring: Gather all the necessary tools and equipment for wiring, ensuring the use of appropriate wire gauges and connectors as per the manufacturer's guidelines.

2. Connecting the Inverter

DC Input Connection: Connect the solar panel array to the DC input terminals of the inverter. Observe the polarity and tighten the connections securely.

Battery Connection: Connect the batteries to the designated battery terminals on the inverter. Follow the correct polarity and ensure firm connections.

AC Output Connection: Connect the AC output terminals of the inverter to the electrical load or the distribution board using appropriate AC cables and connectors.

Grounding: Properly ground the inverter as per local electrical regulations and safety standards to prevent electrical shock hazards.

3. LCD Configuration

Power Up: Switch on the inverter and wait for the LCD display to power up.

Configuration Settings: Use the user-configurable LCD settings to configure the charging current, AC/solar priority, input voltage range, and other necessary parameters as per your specific requirements.

4. Testing and Commissioning

System Check: Perform a thorough system check to ensure that all connections are secure and correctly wired.

Test Run: Run a test of the inverter with a small load to check its performance and functionality.

Troubleshooting: In case of any issues or errors, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer's technical support for assistance.

5. Post-Installation Checks

Monitor and Maintenance: Regularly monitor the inverter's performance and carry out routine maintenance as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Safety Inspections: Periodically inspect all connections and wiring to ensure they remain secure and in good condition.

Note: Installation of the SolarMax R4 Hybrid Inverter should be carried out by a certified and qualified electrician to ensure compliance with local electrical codes and safety standards.

Always refer to the manufacturer's user manual for specific installation guidelines and precautions for your SolarMax R4 Hybrid Inverter. Proper installation and maintenance will ensure optimal performance and longevity of your solar power system.

Choose Haani Solar for Your Solarmax R4 Hybrid Inverter Installation

Trusted Experts in Solar Power

When it comes to the installation of your SolarMax R4 Hybrid Inverter, Haani Solar stands as the leading choice for unmatched expertise, reliability, and professionalism. With a proven track record in the solar energy industry, Haani Solar has earned a reputation for delivering top-notch solar solutions and exceptional customer service.

Expertise in Solar Power Installation

Haani Solar boasts a team of highly skilled and certified solar power installers with years of experience in handling various solar projects. From residential installations to commercial setups, Haani Solar's experts are well-versed in the intricacies of solar technology and deliver seamless installations tailored to your unique requirements.

Quality Workmanship and Attention to Detail

At Haani Solar, we prioritize quality workmanship and meticulous attention to detail in every installation project we undertake. Our installation team ensures precise and secure connections, proper grounding, and adherence to safety standards, guaranteeing a safe and efficient solar power system.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Understanding that each solar project is unique, Haani Solar takes a personalized approach to meet your specific energy needs. Whether you require a residential solar setup or a commercial solar solution, our team collaborates closely with you to design a system that maximizes energy efficiency and cost savings.

End-to-End Project Management

From initial consultations to final commissioning, Haani Solar provides comprehensive end-to-end project management. Our team handles all aspects of the installation process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our customers.

Compliance with Local Regulations

Haani Solar is well-versed in local regulations and permits required for solar power installations. We handle all necessary paperwork and ensure that your SolarMax R4 Hybrid Inverter installation is in full compliance with local electrical codes and safety standards.

Exceptional Customer Support

Haani Solar takes pride in offering exceptional customer support throughout the installation journey and beyond. Our dedicated customer service team is available to address any inquiries, provide technical assistance, and offer guidance to ensure you get the most out of your solar power system.

When you choose Haani Solar as your SolarMax R4 Hybrid Inverter installer, you're selecting a trusted partner committed to transforming your vision of sustainable energy into a reality. Benefit from our expertise, reliability, and personalized solutions, and embark on a greener and more energy-efficient future with Haani Solar as your solar power installation expert.

Contact Haani Solar today to schedule your SolarMax R4 Hybrid Inverter installation and embrace the power of solar energy with confidence and assurance!

SolarMax 3KW R4 Hybrid Solar Inverter

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