SolarMax Tech ONYX DUAL PV16000 Ongrid Solar Inverter


Introducing Solarmax Tech’s Ongrid Solar Inverters

Solarmax Tech takes pride in its diverse range of ongrid solar inverters, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with the main power grid. These cutting-edge inverters play a pivotal role in the conversion of DC energy generated by solar panels into AC power, subsequently supplying electricity to homes and offices.

Leveraging high-quality materials and innovative engineering, Solarmax Tech’s ongrid solar inverters have become synonymous with reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions.

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The Transformative Power of Ongrid Solar Inverters

SolarMax Tech ONYX DUAL PV16000 Ongrid Solar Inverter, The advent of ongrid solar inverters marks a significant milestone in the renewable energy landscape. With the ability to synchronize with the main power grid, these inverters contribute substantially to the proliferation of solar energy usage.

Solarmax Tech's ongrid solar inverters are at the forefront of this revolution, enabling users to harness the full potential of solar power while maintaining a seamless connection with the traditional electrical infrastructure.

Bridging the DC-AC Gap: How Ongrid Solar Inverters Work

At the core of SolarMax Tech's ongrid solar inverters lies an intelligent mechanism that facilitates the smooth conversion of direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). When sunlight strikes the solar panels, they generate DC electricity. Traditionally, DC power is unsuitable for powering standard household and commercial appliances, which operate on AC. Here's where the ongrid solar inverter becomes indispensable.

The ongrid solar inverter employs advanced electronics and sophisticated control systems to transform DC into AC, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply for a wide array of electrical devices. By efficiently managing the flow of electricity, Solarmax Tech's inverters guarantee optimal performance and minimize energy losses, translating into cost savings and environmental benefits for the end users.

Empowering Residences and Businesses: Ongrid Solar Systems by SolarMax Tech

One of the primary applications of SolarMax Tech's ongrid solar inverters lies in residential and commercial installations. Whether it's a small-scale home project or a large-scale commercial entity, these inverters seamlessly integrate into existing electrical systems, allowing users to offset their reliance on conventional power sources and reduce utility bills.

Additionally, businesses can capitalize on ongrid solar systems to meet sustainability targets and improve their corporate image. Solarmax Tech has a proven track record of successfully installing ongrid solar solutions in various industrial and agricultural units, revolutionizing energy consumption in these sectors and contributing to a greener future.

The Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Solarmax Tech takes great pride in its commitment to quality and reliability. Each ongrid solar inverter is meticulously crafted using the finest materials and undergoes rigorous testing to meet international standards. With a focus on longevity and durability, Solarmax Tech's inverters are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and deliver uninterrupted power for extended periods.

A Sustainable Future with SolarMax Tech

As the world grapples with the challenges posed by climate change, the importance of sustainable energy solutions cannot be overstated. Solarmax Tech's ongrid solar inverters exemplify a step toward a more sustainable future, empowering individuals, businesses, and industries to embrace renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Solarmax Tech's ongrid solar inverters stand as a beacon of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the realm of renewable energy. By seamlessly integrating with the main power grid and converting solar energy into a usable form, these inverters have become instrumental in powering homes, businesses, and industries alike.

With a relentless commitment to quality and environmental responsibility, Solarmax Tech continues to lead the charge toward a cleaner and greener tomorrow.


SolarMax Tech ONYX DUAL PV16000 Ongrid Solar Inverter

Technical Parameters:

  •  Max PV input 16000W
  • Max PV voltage 1000VDC
  • 250A max charging current
  • Net metering feed into the grid
  • Battery management system
  • Monitor and control with built-in Wifi

Empowering Energy Efficiency with SolarMax Tech Grid-Tied Solar Inverters

In an era where sustainable energy solutions are paramount, SolarMax Tech presents a revolutionary range of Grid-Tied (OnGrid) Solar inverters designed to transform the way we consume and conserve energy.

By embracing SolarMax Tech's cutting-edge technology, individuals and businesses alike can unlock the true potential of renewable energy, leading to reduced electricity bills and greater control over their power consumption.

The Grid-Tied Solar Inverter Advantage

SolarMax Tech's Grid-Tied Solar Inverters offer a paradigm shift in the energy landscape by seamlessly connecting solar power systems to the utility grid. Unlike standalone solar setups, grid-tied inverters provide the advantage of transferring excess electricity back to the grid, resulting in potential energy credits and further lowering utility costs.

Empowering Energy Independence

With SolarMax Tech Grid-Tied Solar Inverters, energy consumers can truly attain energy independence. By harnessing the sun's abundant power and efficiently converting it into usable electricity, users are no longer solely dependent on traditional power sources. This newfound energy autonomy not only fosters environmental responsibility but also insulates users from the fluctuating costs of conventional energy.

Lowering Electricity Bills with SolarMax Tech

Transitioning to SolarMax Tech's Grid-Tied Solar Inverters promises substantial savings on electricity bills. As these inverters maximize the utilization of solar energy and efficiently channel excess power into the grid, users can significantly reduce their reliance on electricity supplied by utility companies.

Consequently, lower energy consumption from the grid leads to reduced bills, creating a win-win situation for both the user and the environment.

Embracing Sustainability through Solar Power

At SolarMax Tech, sustainability is at the core of our mission. Our Grid-Tied Solar Inverters play a vital role in reducing the carbon footprint and mitigating environmental impact. By harnessing the sun's clean and renewable energy, users can contribute to combating climate change while preserving precious natural resources for future generations.

Empowerment for Homes and Businesses

SolarMax Tech's Grid-Tied Solar Inverters are tailored to meet the energy needs of both residential and commercial entities. Homeowners can take control of their energy consumption, optimizing solar power usage during peak hours and reaping the benefits of energy credits. On the other hand, businesses can enhance their bottom line by reducing operational costs through sustainable energy practices.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance

The key to SolarMax Tech's Grid-Tied Solar Inverters' superior performance lies in their advanced technology and intelligent design. Equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and monitoring systems, these inverters optimize solar power conversion and grid interaction, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

SolarMax Tech's Grid-Tied Solar Inverters are engineered for easy integration with existing electrical systems. Our team of experts ensures a smooth and hassle-free installation process, allowing users to quickly begin their journey toward energy independence and sustainability.

Customer-Centric Approach

At SolarMax Tech, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Our team of dedicated professionals is always ready to provide expert guidance and support, from the initial consultation to post-installation maintenance. We are committed to empowering our customers to make informed decisions and achieve their energy goals efficiently.

In conclusion, SolarMax Tech's Grid-Tied (OnGrid) Solar Inverters open up a world of possibilities for energy-conscious individuals and businesses. By embracing these innovative inverters, users can harness the power of the sun to lower electricity bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and take charge of their energy consumption like never before.

SolarMax Tech invites you to join the sustainable energy revolution and experience the freedom of clean and efficient energy solutions.

Unique Advantages of SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter

Efficient Power Conversion: SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverters boast exceptional power conversion efficiency, ensuring that a maximum percentage of the solar energy harvested from the panels is effectively converted into usable AC power. This efficiency leads to higher energy yields and subsequently, greater cost savings for the end-users.

Seamless Grid Integration: One of the standout features of SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverters is their seamless integration with the main power grid. These inverters are designed to effortlessly synchronize with the utility grid, enabling smooth two-way energy flow. This integration not only allows users to draw power from the grid when needed but also feeds excess energy back into it, potentially earning energy credits and further reducing electricity bills.

Real-time Monitoring and Control: SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverters are equipped with advanced monitoring and control systems, providing users with real-time insights into their solar energy production and consumption. With user-friendly interfaces and data visualization tools, customers can conveniently track system performance, identify patterns, and optimize energy usage for enhanced efficiency.

High Reliability and Durability: Built with premium-quality materials and backed by rigorous testing, SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverters are known for their high reliability and durability. These inverters are designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, ensuring stable operation and minimal downtime throughout their long service life.

Wide Range of Capacities: SolarMax Tech offers a wide range of Ongrid Solar Inverter models with varying capacities to cater to the energy needs of different installations, whether for residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural purposes. This versatility allows customers to choose the ideal inverter size that perfectly aligns with their specific energy requirements.

Safety Features: Safety is a top priority for SolarMax Tech, and their Ongrid Solar Inverters are equipped with multiple safety features. These include protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuits, and overheating. Such comprehensive safety measures ensure the safeguarding of both the inverter and the connected electrical devices.

Remote Monitoring and Smart Connectivity: SolarMax Tech embraces modern technology, offering remote monitoring capabilities for its Ongrid Solar Inverters. Through smart connectivity, users can access and manage their solar systems from their smartphones or computers. This feature enhances convenience and empowers users to make informed decisions regarding energy consumption even when away from the premises.

Eco-Friendly Solution: By utilizing SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverters, customers actively contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. These inverters harness clean, renewable solar energy, which significantly lowers the dependence on fossil fuels, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly energy solution.

Compliance with International Standards: SolarMax Tech maintains strict adherence to international quality and safety standards. All their Ongrid Solar Inverters undergo rigorous testing and certification processes, ensuring compliance with industry norms and offering customers peace of mind regarding product reliability and safety.

Expert Support and Warranty: SolarMax Tech is committed to providing exceptional customer support and service. Along with reliable products, customers benefit from expert guidance, installation assistance, and prompt after-sales support. The inverters come with a comprehensive warranty, reflecting the brand's confidence in their product's performance and durability.

In conclusion, SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverters present a myriad of unique advantages that position them as a leading choice for those seeking efficient, reliable, and sustainable solar energy solutions.

From enhanced power conversion to seamless grid integration and advanced monitoring capabilities, these inverters offer a comprehensive package that empowers users to optimize their energy usage and embrace a greener future.

Elevating Solar Energy Solutions with SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter

SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter stands as a pinnacle of innovation and efficiency in the solar energy industry. With an array of cutting-edge technical parameters, this inverter exemplifies the dedication of SolarMax Tech to deliver exceptional solar energy solutions.

Let's explore the unique features that set this inverter apart, making it an ideal choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable and sustainable solar energy solutions.

Max PV Input of 16000W: Unleashing the Power of the Sun

At the core of the SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter lies its impressive maximum PV input of 16000W. This remarkable feature empowers the inverter to handle substantial solar arrays, harnessing the maximum potential of the sun's energy. The efficient conversion of solar power into usable electricity allows users to experience higher energy yields, leading to significant cost savings and greater energy self-sufficiency.

Max PV Voltage of 1000VDC: Efficiency and Safety in Harmony

The Ongrid Solar Inverter's maximum PV voltage of 1000VDC perfectly balances efficiency and safety. By accommodating higher PV voltages, the inverter minimizes energy losses during the conversion process, ensuring optimal system performance. Furthermore, stringent safety measures are in place to handle and process this voltage securely, safeguarding both users and equipment.

250A Max Charging Current: Swift and Reliable Battery Charging

SolarMax Tech's Ongrid Solar Inverter boasts an impressive 250A max charging current, ensuring swift and reliable charging of batteries in solar-plus-storage systems. This exceptional parameter optimizes energy storage, making stored solar power readily available during peak demand periods or in the event of grid outages. The result is an uninterrupted power supply and enhanced energy autonomy.

Net Metering Feed into Grid: A Win-Win Energy Strategy

With net metering capabilities, SolarMax Tech's Ongrid Solar Inverter enables users to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the utility grid. During times of surplus solar energy production, the excess power can be fed back into the grid, earning energy credits and effectively lowering electricity bills. Conversely, during periods of low solar generation, users can draw electricity from the grid, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply.

Battery Management System: Enhancing Storage Efficiency

Equipped with an advanced battery management system, the SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter optimizes the charging and discharging cycles of battery storage solutions. This intelligent system prolongs battery life, maximizes energy storage capacity, and improves overall system efficiency. The result is increased energy autonomy, allowing users to rely more on stored solar energy and less on grid power.

Monitor and Control with Built-in Wifi: Empowering Remote Management

SolarMax Tech's commitment to user convenience is exemplified by the Ongrid Solar Inverter's built-in Wifi connectivity. This innovative feature empowers users to remotely monitor and control their solar energy systems through user-friendly interfaces. Real-time data visualization and analysis allow users to track system performance, energy consumption patterns, and overall efficiency, making informed decisions to optimize energy usage.

In conclusion, the technical parameters of SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter epitomize the brand's dedication to revolutionizing solar energy solutions. From its impressive PV input and voltage capacities to efficient battery charging and advanced monitoring capabilities, this inverter sets a new standard in the solar energy industry.

By choosing SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter, users gain access to a powerful tool that maximizes energy efficiency, fosters energy independence, and contributes to a greener and sustainable future. Embrace the future of solar energy with SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter and embark on a journey towards efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions.

Choosing Haani Solar Energy as Your SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter Supplier

Expertise and Experience

Haani Solar Energy takes pride in its extensive expertise and experience in the solar energy industry. As a trusted supplier of SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverters, Haani Solar Energy has a deep understanding of the technology and its applications. With a proven track record of successful installations and satisfied customers, you can trust Haani Solar Energy's proficiency in providing reliable and efficient solar energy solutions.

Comprehensive Product Selection

Haani Solar Energy offers a comprehensive range of SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverters, catering to diverse energy requirements and project scales. Whether you need an inverter for a residential installation or a large-scale commercial project, Haani Solar Energy can provide the ideal solution tailored to your specific needs. The wide selection ensures that you can find the perfect inverter to optimize your solar energy system's performance.

Quality Assurance

When you choose Haani Solar Energy as your SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter supplier, you can be confident in the quality of the products you receive. Haani Solar Energy works exclusively with reputable and trusted manufacturers, ensuring that all inverters meet stringent quality standards. This commitment to quality translates to long-lasting, reliable, and efficient solar energy systems for your home or business.

Expert Consultation and Support

Haani Solar Energy values customer satisfaction and offers expert consultation throughout the entire process, from initial inquiries to post-installation support. Their knowledgeable team of solar energy experts is readily available to provide valuable insights, guidance, and assistance in selecting the most suitable Ongrid Solar Inverter for your specific needs. This personalized support ensures that you make well-informed decisions and achieve the best results from your solar energy investment.

Competitive Pricing

Haani Solar Energy is dedicated to making solar energy solutions accessible and cost-effective. They offer competitive pricing on their range of SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverters, ensuring that you receive excellent value for your investment. Their transparent pricing policy and commitment to delivering quality products at fair rates make them a reliable partner for your solar energy endeavors.

Seamless Installation and Integration

With Haani Solar Energy as your supplier, you can expect a seamless and efficient installation process. Their team of skilled technicians ensures that the SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter integrates seamlessly into your existing solar energy system or new installation. By entrusting the installation to Haani Solar Energy, you can save time and effort while ensuring the system is set up correctly for optimal performance.

Commitment to Sustainability

Haani Solar Energy shares a commitment to sustainability with SolarMax Tech. By choosing Haani Solar Energy as your supplier, you align yourself with a company dedicated to promoting clean and renewable energy solutions. Together, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable future, reducing carbon emissions and embracing eco-friendly practices.

Choosing Haani Solar Energy as your SolarMax Tech Ongrid Solar Inverter supplier grants you access to a wealth of expertise, a wide selection of top-quality products, and exceptional customer support. With their dedication to sustainability and competitive pricing, Haani Solar Energy becomes an ideal partner for your solar energy journey. By making this choice, you ensure the success and efficiency of your solar energy system while making a positive impact on the environment.

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