Tesla Solar Inverter Infinity 6KW


Tesla Solar Inverter Infinity 6KW stands as a top-of-the-line product from the Tesla range of solar inverters, promising to revolutionize solar power efficiency.

As a crucial component of any solar energy system, the Infinity 6KW is designed to convert the direct current (DC) power generated by solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) power to cater to the energy needs of your home or business.

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Tesla Inverter Infinity 6KW, Produces Maximum Solar Power Efficiency

Tesla Solar Inverter Infinity 6KW stands as a top-of-the-line product from the Tesla range of solar inverters, promising to revolutionize solar power efficiency.

As a crucial component of any solar energy system, the Infinity 6KW is designed to convert the direct current (DC) power generated by solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) power to cater to the energy needs of your home or business.

Boasting a maximum output of 6KW, this inverter is a perfect fit for smaller solar installations or as a complementary addition to a larger setup.

In this comprehensive review, we explore the unique features that make the Tesla Inverter Infinity 6KW a true game-changer in the world of solar power.

Maximum Power from Solar Panels

One of the standout features of the Tesla Solar Inverter Infinity 6KW is its unparalleled efficiency. With a maximum efficiency rating of 97.8%, this inverter positions itself as one of the most efficient models available in the market.

The high efficiency allows for optimized energy conversion, ensuring that your solar panels produce more power for your consumption. This not only translates to significant savings on your electricity bills but also contributes to a greener environment by maximizing the utilization of solar energy.

Compact Design, Ease of Installation

The Tesla Inverter Infinity 3KW embraces a compact and lightweight design, making it an installation-friendly choice for solar enthusiasts. The streamlined design facilitates hassle-free mounting, enabling placement in various suitable locations.

The inverter's cool and ventilated placement ensures optimal performance while minimizing the risk of overheating.

With its user-friendly mounting bracket, installing the Infinity 6KW becomes a seamless process, even in tight spaces or confined areas.


Tesla Solar Inverter Infinity 6KW offers another significant advantage, its seamless compatibility with Tesla's battery. This dynamic combination enables you to store excess solar energy generated during the day and utilize it during nighttime or periods of low sunlight.

The integration of the Tesla Battery enhances your solar power system's capabilities, providing you with uninterrupted access to clean energy round-the-clock.

By tapping into stored solar energy, you can further reduce your reliance on the grid, maximizing energy savings and strengthening your commitment to sustainability.

ModelInfinity 6KW
PHASE1-Phase in / 1-Phase out
Maximum PV Input Power7000 W
Rated Output Power6000 W
ModeOn-Grid / Off- Grid
Battery Less OperationYes
Touch Screen LCD HMI2.5"
WifiSupport Wifi

Tesla Inverter Infinity 3KW: Technical Mastery Unleashed

Tesla Inverter Infinity 6KW displays a range of technical features designed to optimize solar power utilization. Some of the key technical specifications of the Infinity 6KW include:

Touch Screen 2.5″:

The inverter boasts a large, intuitive touchscreen interface, providing you with real-time monitoring and control of your solar power system. With this touch screen, you can effortlessly track system performance, make necessary adjustments, and promptly address any issues that may arise.

Wi-Fi Support:

The Infinity 6KW supports Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling remote monitoring and control of your solar power system. Through the Tesla app, you can receive live updates on your system's performance, receive alerts on potential concerns, and even manage your system through your Smartphone or tablet.

PV Capacity 6500 Watts:

With a maximum PV capacity of 6500 watts, the Infinity 6KW efficiently manages the input of solar power from your solar panels. This makes it an ideal choice for smaller solar setups or supplementary units in larger systems.

Inverter Capacity 6000 Watts:

The Infinity 6KW can output up to 6000 watts of AC power, ensuring a reliable electricity supply to your home or business. Its versatile capacity makes it suitable for powering a range of appliances and devices, from household lighting to essential electronic equipment.


The inverter's compact dimensions 120 x 295 x 468 mm facilitate seamless installation, occupying minimal space while maintaining optimal performance.

The Installation Process: Turning Solar Dreams into Reality

While it is always recommended to engage a qualified Installer for solar power system installations, understanding the basic steps involved in installing the Tesla Inverter Infinity 6KW can provide valuable insights:

Mount the Inverter:

Begin by securely mounting the inverter in a suitable location—a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area shielded from direct sunlight and rain. Utilize the mounting bracket provided to secure the inverter to a wall or other appropriate structure.

Connect the DC Cables:

After mounting the inverter, proceed to connect the DC cables from your solar panels to the designated DC input terminals on the inverter. Adhere closely to the manufacturer's instructions, ensuring the use of appropriate cable sizes and connectors.

Connect the AC Cables:

Following the successful DC cable connection, proceed to connect the AC cables from the inverter to your home or business's electrical system. As with the DC cables, adhere closely to the manufacturer's guidelines regarding cable sizes and connectors.

Set Up the Wi-Fi Connection:

If you plan to leverage the Infinity 6KW's Wi-Fi support, configure the Wi-Fi connection using the Tesla app. Through the app's step-by-step instructions, establish a secure and reliable connection between the inverter and your Wi-Fi network, empowering you to monitor and control your system remotely.

Configure the Settings:

With the physical installation complete, configure the inverter's settings through its intuitive touchscreen interface. Set the system's operating mode, adjust the output voltage and frequency, and configure any additional features or settings as needed.

Test the System:

After installation and configuration, conduct thorough testing to ensure the system's proper functioning. Turn on the inverter and monitor its performance using the touchscreen interface or the Tesla app. Address any error messages or alerts promptly, troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Seek Professional Assistance:

While these steps provide a basic understanding of the installation process, engaging a licensed electrician remains essential to guarantee a safe and efficient installation.

Certified professionals possess the expertise to ensure that your solar power system functions optimally and adheres to all safety regulations.

The Tesla Inverter Infinity 3KW is a game-changing addition to the solar energy landscape, delivering unmatched efficiency and versatility. Its high efficiency rating, compact design, and Powerwall compatibility position it as an ideal investment for anyone seeking to harness the sun's power and reduce their dependence on conventional energy sources.

Tesla's commitment to technical excellence ensures a solar inverter built to last, with a comprehensive warranty offering added protection and peace of mind.

By embracing the Tesla Inverter Infinity 3KW, you join the ranks of environmentally conscious individuals and businesses, contributing to a greener and sustainable future powered by clean, renewable energy.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 120 × 295 × 468 cm


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