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Established in 1998, Znshine got into selling solar panels in 2006 and quickly climbed to the top, ranked as the number 1 solar panel maker in Bloomberg Tier. Thеy’rе big, making 5GW of solar powеr globally, making thеm a mеdium-sizеd playеr in thе markеt.

Thеy’rе growing fast, sprеading out to countries likе Japan, Italy, Switzеrland, thе UK, thе USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, Chilе,and China. When it comes to warranties in the solar panel world, there are some standard rules:

    • They promise to fix any problems for 10 years from when you buy.
    • The panels should work at 80% of their best for 25 years.

Most solar panel companies offer these warranties, but when you choose a big name like Znshine, you can trust you’ll get the right deal. Znshine goes the extra mile with better warranty terms compared to others.

Znshine’s panels are top-notch in two ways: they promise better product warranties and have a regular performance warranty. They’re super efficient too, working at around 19-20%, which is pretty impressive.

Znshine Solar Panels

Znshine solar panels are amazing solar devices that turn sunlight into electricity for very easy and usable in homes and businesses. They work to capturing the sunlight by using special cells built-in in the panels called photovoltaic cells. When sunlight hits these photovoltaic cells, they create electricity that can power different things like lights, fans, you can charge your mobile, fridge, washing machine, TVs and much more.

One of the best and coolest things about Znshine solar panels is how they help to Reduce high electricity bills in Pakistan. to using these solar panels to make your own electricity from the sun that panels generate. you can rely less on the power grid, which means lower bills. Plus when you use solar power instead of regular daily electricity from Wapda grid, you’re also helping to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint to go on green energy. That’s because solar power does not release the harmful gases and other viruses that hurts the environment.

Imagine this: Znshine solar panels soak up sunlight during the day, turning it into power for your home to run electric home appliances. That power can be used right away or stored for later use to attaching batteries. So, even on cloudy days or at night when there’s no sunlight, you can still use the energy stored up from the panels in to batteries. It’s like having a constant supply of clean and renewable energy right at your fingertips.

Using Znshine solar panels is not just about saving money. it’s about making a positive impact on the planet and it will also increase your home and property value double in pakistan. By choosing solar power people can take a step towards a cleaner and a greener future in pakistan.

Znshine Solar Panel Rate Today in Pakistan – Online Plate Price

Find the best Znshine Solar Panels Price Online In Pakistan. Haani Solar offers a wide range of solar plates in Pakistan with their lowest prices, we are offering a wide range of znshine solar plates available in 535 watts, 540 watts, 545 watts, 550 watts, a grade, b grade solar plates available to deliver in Karachi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Bahria town Islamabad, bahria town karachi and Lahore also in DHA and across in Pakistan.

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Znshine Solar Panel Price In Pakistan – Latest January Price List of 2024

Znshine Solar Panels in Pakistan have different prices, starting from around Rs. 30,000/- up to Rs. 55,000/-. These panels vary in size and how much power they can make from sunlight. Some stores might offer discounts or deals on these panels. If you’re thinking about to getting one it’s good to check different places in the market to find and get the best price according to your budget.

You can find all kinds of Znshine solar panels of January 2024, like Znshine solar plates, Znshine solar systems, Znshine Solar Power Systems, and more in Pakistan. There are various types of Znshien solar plates in different watts such as 550-watt, 540-watt, and 600-watt. You can also get here solar cells, flexible solar plates, and complete solar power kits at discounted prices.

In Pakistan, solar companies have sold a good range of solar panels at different prices and offers solar lights, solar power plants, solar tube wells, and many more. haani solar solutions include solar street lights, solar water pumps, and even solar chargers for air conditioners. Qas4.com gives discounts on solar installations and systems for homes and businesses in Pakistan. Going on green energy systems is a great Choice to save energy.

Znshine Solar Panels Cost

Znshine Solar panels in Pakistan cost about Rs.45,879/- to Rs.65,899/-. Sometimes, they can be as high as Rs.899,000/-. If you’re thinking about to getting a solar system in Pakistan and here are low-cost and affordable different packages available like the 5KW, 10KW, 15KW, 20KW, 30KW, and 50KW systems. Each solar package has its own price and can power different things in your home.

You can check out these solar system packages on qas4.com. They deliver all over Pakistan and you can pay to get it in cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad, and more. So, you can get solar power no matter where you live.

Best Lowest Znshine Plates in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a Znshine Mini Solar Panel costs Rs.25,780, but you might find it cheaper during a sale on Qas4.com. These solar panel has what you need and comes at a affordable price making it a top choice.

Haani Solar is the place to go for the best and Lowest solar plate prices in Pakistan. Switching to green solar energy is great for every homes in pakistan. It not only saves solar energy but also cuts down your high electricity bills. Solar panels are like a long-term investment that keeps giving back for many years. Qas4.com has a bunch of products in the portable power and home appliances section. You can find everything from solar panels to parts all at good prices in pakistan. So, lets start to using green energy today and save money on your high electricity bills.

Buy Znshine Solar Panels At Best Price In Pakistan

If you are looking to buy znshine solar panels in Pakistan. Only Qas4.com is offering the best and high quality znshine solar panels at the best price in Pakistan. green solar energy is the best way to reduce many things that have a heavy burden. go on green energy or on solar with qas4.com because this is the only Pakistan no.1 solar energy company that has every solution to your electricity problems.

Znshine Solar Panel Price in Pakistan January 2024

Sr No.Capacity (Watt)Brand NamePrice (RS)
7.Per WattZnshine62

Znshine International Solar Panel Rates of January 2024

Znshine0.19$ to 0.22$ Rate Per Watt

Znshine A Grabe Solar Panel Price In Pakistan – with documented A-grade panels

Brand & SpecificationsPrice Per Watt (RS)Panel Price (RS)
Znshine 540 watts single glass A grad6233480
Znshine 540 watts double glass or bifacial A grad5831320
Znshine 545 watts single glass A grad5529975
Znshine 500 watts single glass A grad5628000
Znshine 530 watts single glass A grad5629680
Znshine 540-watt grade solar panel price5529700
Znshine 555 watts single glass A grad5631080
Znshine 550 watts single glass A grad5630800
Znshine solar panel A grade 550 Watts panel5731350
Znshine 550 watts single glass A grad5630800
Znshine 555 watts single glass A grad5631080
Znshine 570-watt single glass6034200
Znshine N type 575 watt a grade6034500

Znshine B Grabe Solar Panel Price In Pakistan – without documents solar panels

SpecificationsPrice Per Watt (RS)Panel Price (RS)
Znshine 550-watts B grade5329150
Znshine 530-watt B grade5227560
Znshine 545-watts B grade5429430

what is the price of a Znshine 1 solar panel in Pakistan?

The price of znshine 1 solar panels in Pakistan is around Rs: 28,000 for A Grade.

what is the price of a Znshine 5kw solar panel price in Pakistan?

Znshine 5Kw Solar Panels Price Is Start From Rs: 365,000.

what is the price of a Znshine 10kw solar panel price in Pakistan?

Znshine 5Kw Solar Panels Price Is Start From Rs: 753,000.

what is the price of a Znshine 20kw solar panel price in Pakistan?

Znshine 5Kw Solar Panels Price Is Start From Rs: 1,460,000.