Zonergy 545 Watts Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

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Haani Solar Offers Tier 1 Solar Panels Of Zonergy. Zonergy is a Trusted and VEry Famous solar company that produces grade solar panels.

One of the great solar panels is the Zonergy 545 Watts solar panel, a high-efficiency solar module intended for large-scale solar installations, and is one of its well-known products in Pakistan.

Zonergy Solar Company’s headquarters and solar plants are located in China. china is the biggest solar manufacturer country.

Haani Solar Energy Offer Zonergy Solar Panels Tier 1 In Pakistan. Zonergy is a famous and Trusted solar power panel manufacturer, and Haani Solar is the famous and trusted supplier of Zonergy solar panels in Pakistan.

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Meet the Zonergy 545 Watts Solar Panel, the king of solar tech, here to change big solar projects forever! Made with cool MBB and half-cell tech, this panel has crazy energy and super-strong power.

It passed the TUV test after facing salty spray and yucky ammonia, it proves that it will handle the worst weather. It’s tough against strong winds (2400 Pa) and heavy snow (5400 Pa), promising a long life and great performance.

In its first year, it only loses a little power, less than 2.5%. After that, it only loses 0.55% every year for 25 years! This means it keeps giving lots of energy for a super long time.

With smart batteries and a cool sleek modern and amazing design, it fights against problems like cracks and breaking. The MBB tech makes sure it stays strong and keeps making power.

This panel is a star in changing sunlight into energy, hitting 21.4% efficiency—way better than others! Tough aluminum and strong glass cover it, protecting it from bad weather. No matter if it’s hot, windy, or snowy, it keeps making power.

This big panel, sized at 2.2 by 1.1 meters, is perfect for huge projects. It’s not too big, but it’s really powerful, making up to 545 watts even when it’s not sunny.

Get the Zonergy 545 Watts Solar Panel for a future-ready solar solution that’s strong and trustworthy. Make your solar project awesome with these solar panels it will increase also your home value. Get yours now!

Zonergy 545 Watts Mono Perc Solar Power Plate Specification Data Sheet

Electrical performance parameters (STC)
Maximum output power545 Watts
Open circuit voltage49.68
Short circuit current13.71
Maximum power voltage41.18
Maximum power current13.24
Panel conversion efficiency21.09
Operation temperature-40 ℃~ 85 ℃
Maximum system voltage1000/1500 VDC
Structural parameters
Battery specifications182*91 mm monocrystalline
Dimension of the panel (mm)2279*1134*35
Weight of the panel29 kg
Front glass3.2 mm high light transmittance, coated tempered glass
Back panelaging resistant film
Panel frameanodized aluminum alloy
Junction boxdegrees of protection IP68
Cable4.0mm2 Positive pole: 250mm Negative pole: 300mm Wire length: customizable
Temperature characteristics
Temperature coefficient (Pm)-0.350%/℃
Temperature coefficient (Voc)-0.270%/℃
Temperature coefficient (Lsc)0.048%/℃
NMOT battery-rated operating temperature41±3 ℃
CertificationIEC61215-1, IEC61215-2, IEC61730-1, IEC61730-2

Advantages and disadvantages of Zonergy solar panel 545 watts

High Conversion EfficiencyInitial Investment Cost
Long Lifespan and DurabilityDependence on Sunlight Availability
Environmentally FriendlyRequires Adequate Roof Space
Reduces Electricity BillsInstallation and Setup Costs
Potential for Government IncentivesVariability in Energy Output
Low Maintenance RequirementAesthetic Considerations (Panel Appearance)
Reduced Carbon FootprintRegional Climate and Weather Impact
Independence from Grid PowerPotential for Shading Issues
Contribution to Energy IndependenceCompatibility with Existing Systems
Increased Property ValueDisposal of Solar Panels (End of Lifespan)

Draw Backs Of Zonergy Solar Panel 545 Watts

Initial Investment CostThe upfront cost of purchasing and installing the panel can be substantial, which may be a deterrent for some potential buyers.
Dependence on Sunlight AvailabilityEfficiency is contingent on the availability of sunlight. Cloudy days, nighttime, and shading issues can affect energy production.
Requires Adequate Roof SpaceInstalling this panel requires a sufficient amount of unshaded roof space. Some homes or buildings may not have the necessary roof area.
Installation and Setup CostsAlongside the cost of the panel itself, there are expenses associated with professional installation, wiring, and setup.
Variability in Energy OutputThe amount of energy generated can vary based on factors like weather conditions, geographical location, and seasonal changes in sunlight intensity.
Aesthetic Considerations (Panel Appearance)Some individuals may have aesthetic concerns about the appearance of solar panels on their property, influencing their decision to invest in them.
Regional Climate and Weather ImpactThe performance of the panel may be affected by the specific climate and weather patterns of the region where it is installed.
Potential for Shading IssuesPartial shading by nearby objects or buildings can significantly reduce efficiency, potentially impacting energy generation.
Compatibility with Existing SystemsIntegrating the panel into an existing energy system may require additional equipment or modifications, adding to the overall cost.
Disposal of Solar Panels (End of Lifespan)Proper disposal or recycling of solar panels at the end of their lifespan is an important consideration for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Where To Buy Haani Solar Energy is one of the top and personally best suppliers of energy solar panels in Pakistan.

Zonergy 545 Watts Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

Zonergy 545 Watts Solar Panel Price In Pakistan is around Rs: 58,999/- Only. but the prices of zonergy solar panels are estimated at the time of writing. the situation and location of delivery of solar panels can affect the prices of solar panels. before any order, it’s important to confirm the prices of Zonergy solar panels on Whatsapp: 03075359344.

Discount is also available on Zonergy 545-watt solar panels.

Customer Testimonials: Voices of Affirmation

“Switching to Zonergy’s solar panel was a game-changer for our household. Not only have we seen a noticeable reduction in our energy bills, but we’re also proud to contribute to a greener future.”

— Sarah Khan, Lahore, Pakistan

“As a business owner, I’m always on the lookout for cost-effective solutions. Zonergy’s solar panel not only met my budgetary requirements but exceeded my expectations in terms of performance.”

— Ali Ahmed, Karachi, Pakistan

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions2279 × 1134 × 35 cm

Zonergy 545 watts solar power




Haani Solar Energy


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