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Tesla Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan is Starting From Rs: 21,741 the maximum price is Rs. 64,540 and the estimated average price is Rs. 35,120.


Tesla solar panels are imported solar panels manufactured in the United States by the Tesla company. Because these solar cells are produced by a company that specializes in creating solar products, they are always of the highest caliber.

Because there are significant customs charges associated with Tesla solar panel sales, these panels are typically expensive in the Pakistani local market. When compared to other solar panel prices in Pakistan, Tesla panels are typically expensive.

Tesla’s solar panel is carefully tested and offers excellent value over an extended period of time, so you may use it without giving its quality much thought. If you are purchasing these panels in large quantities for resale or any other kind of business use, be sure to speak with a specialist with relevant experience.

Tesla Solar Panel Cost

Solar Panel Type Watt Price
Mono Crystalline 530 30740
Mono Crystalline 535 31030 PKR
Mono Crystalline 540 31320 PKR
Mono Crystalline 550 31610 PKR
Mono Crystalline 555 31900 PKR
Mono Crystalline 560 32190 PKR
Mono Crystalline 300 32480 PKR

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Where To Buy Tesla Solar Panels

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