Qalseen Pump, Qalseen submersible Pump

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Qalseen Submersible Water Pump’s average cost Starts from Rs.15,000/- in Pakistan. the average cost is Rs. 56,000/- and the maximum price is Rs. 150,000/- Only.

Find the best model of Qalseen Pump, Qsp is a series of Qalseen water Pumps that are reliable, Affordable, and High Quality. Qalseen Pumps are the best Water Pumps in Pakistan. These high-quality Submersible Pumps are very perfect for Domestic, Borewell, Borehole, Deepwell tubewell, Industrial, and residential Purposes.

We have a wide range of Qalssen Products submersible Pumps, Water Pumps, Sludge Pumps, suction Pumps, Deep well Pumps, AC water Pumps, DC Water Pumps, Solar water DC pumps, Solar DC pumps, Centri Fugal Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Centrifugal Water Pumps, Centrifugal Deepwell Pumps, Centrifugal Monobloc Water Pumps, Centrifugal Long and Short Coupled Pumps both are available in Pakistan With Low Cost At the best Price in Pakistan.

Qalseen pumps of Qsp Series Qsp 17, Qsp 20, Qsp 30, Qsp 46, Qsp 60, Qsp 77, Qsp 95, Qsp 125 and Qsp 175 With 2″ to 10″ diameter Submersible Water Pump are available in Pakistan at Haani Solar.